Jason Fisher, Data & Analytics Manager for Columbus, recently earned an Advanced Leadership Bronze Award from Toastmasters by winning the division championship for impromptu speech delivery.

That helped him advance to the November 20th District 40 Championship in Charleston, West Virginia, where he also won, taking home first place for his impromptu on drug policy. Jason described his strategy for us.

“You have no idea what the topic is, my strategy is to pause before I start (which most people don’t do) and think about my 2-3 points and something to use as an intro, something personal like a story,” he said. “Then I draw on years of speaking experience and try to create transitions on the fly. Luckily, this is a topic I have read and thought much about so I had some points in my head.”

See Jason’s speech here.

Toastmasters is program to help hone your skills and comfort level in speaking with and in front of others. Tips learned at Toastmasters can help with networking, authentically delivering elevator speeches, and facilitating meetings.

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