Centric Consulting National Recruiting Lead Carmen Fontana recently spoke to the Predictive Analytics Times as a part of their Wise Practitioner, Predictive Analytics Interview Series. She will speak about Improving Employee Utilization with Machine Learning at the Predictive Analytics World for Business conference in Las Vegas, June 4.

In this interview, Carmen gives highlights of her experience with predictive analytics when it comes to workforce management and how it has improved hiring for our consultants. Read the full article here.

Predictive Analytics

Check out what Carmen had to say about her work with predictive analytics:

“In professional services firms like Centric Consulting, employee utilization is closely tied to company profitability. The more time our consultants are billing on client projects, the better our balance sheet looks. So making sure our workforce is on the right projects, at the right time, with little downtime, is key.

There is also a tie between employee satisfaction and utilization. Employees who are on “the bench” (not staffed on projects) for longer periods of time get bored and frustrated. So improving utilization is good for both the company and its employees.”

About Carmen

Carmen Fontana, Centric’s National Talent Acquisition Manager, has a diverse background in management operations. She started her career delivering technical solutions to a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. 

Carmen is a veteran operations professional, having served in management roles in a variety of organizations ranging from small startups to large nonprofits. Be sure to stay updated with Carmen on Twitter!