Centric provides strategic direction and practical architecture and governance recommendations for a global intranet.

The Business Need

Centric’s client, a worldwide designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision motion control products and systems for products such as military and commercial aircraft, satellites, space vehicles, missiles and industrial machinery, needed a common platform for collaboration and communication across its global organization.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric worked with this organization to first assess their current portal architecture written in SharePoint 2010 with integrations into NewsGator. Following the assessment, Centric worked with each stakeholder business and technical group to develop a list of wants and needs, and began synthesizing these into an architecture that would satisfy a global user base.

Centric delivered a key set of recommendations that:

  • Addressed a SharePoint 2010 global architecture, with specific attention to search and user profiles
  • Incorporated a maintenance structure that could be delegated in a ‘federal’ model – centralized oversight with local control
  • Balanced disparate workflow, social collaboration and document control products integrated into SharePoint 2010
  • Established a governance model through a governance committee
  • Could be implemented over time, with emphasis on prioritized activities

Centric developed two recommendation documents, one focused on architecture and the other focused on governance. Both documents were pragmatic and focused on activities that would support a global collaborative experience using SharePoint 2010. In addition, these documents provided a roadmap for priorities and sequence assignment.

The Results

Centric worked with this client to implement the first set of recommendations related to governance and advised on the appropriate governance team, governance structure and governance plan. Centric has since assisted with architecture, evaluation of social collaboration product integration and architecture expertise aligned with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. In the end, Centric’s recommendations for better collaboration and communication achieved the following:

  • Creation of a simplified global architecture, including a reduction in servers, support staff and integration complexities
  • Establishment of a governance committee, governance plan and lightweight oversight
  • Better collaboration across the organization through content and activity engagement