SharePoint Relaunch

Centric works with local manufacturer to stabilize, functionally improve and effectively re-launch a SharePoint portal.

The Business Need 

Centric’s client, a specialty manufacturer, introduced SharePoint through its CIO and the IT team allowed the business to use the tool as they wanted. After six months, the use of SharePoint waned and the majority of employees used the tool simply for document sharing. IT needed help developing the vision for SharePoint in a way that best fit the company’s needs.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric engaged with this organization to first assess their SharePoint product deployment. Then, Centric worked with each department head, including HR, products and marketing, to determine what each group wanted within their department, as well what they thought the home page should include. From this work Centric developed an implementation roadmap and worked with the client to implement the first three phases on the roadmap.

Highlights from the assessment and roadmap work include:

  • A stable re-launch of SharePoint 2010, which removed the need for traveling users to VPN for access
  • Wireframes, mock-ups and eventual build of department sites and a new fresh home page
  • One-time data access through Excel services for manufacturing and engineering
  • One-time production scheduling through online collaboration between the shop floor and partners

Centric stabilized SharePoint 2010 and the went to work with the business teams to understand their needs. Working sessions were held, which included whiteboard time building wireframe concepts of the department and home pages.

Following these sessions, Centric built a manifest of all needs across the organization and worked to build a roadmap to address these needs. A key desire was to keep SharePoint 2010 functionality out of the box – no .NET development would be supported.

Based on the roadmap, Centric brought its SharePoint development team in to configure and implement engineering needs with Excel services, a marketing/product/R&D/Sales integration and content view set of pages, as well as many other content aggregation capabilities.

The foundation for integration of ERP and MRP data has also been put in place with the use of SSIS, and future activities on the roadmap will enable this data to flow into SharePoint.

The Results

Through collaborative discussions, strategic planning and development, a common intranet was created to strengthen communication and streamline business processes. Features included:

  • An application platform for out-of-the-box solutions, using Excel services for data sharing and collaboration.
  • A common view into HR, Engineering, R&D, Sales, Marketing and Support for employees and selected partners.