Mobile App Streamlines Policyholder Claims Submission

Centric develops a mobile app that takes advantage of mobile device functionality to deliver a streamlined, fast and efficient claims submission process.

The Business Need

Midwestern insurance carrier wished to streamline claims submission and improve insurance accessibility for policyholders with smart phones. This carrier also wanted to take advantage of mobile device functionality including taking pictures of the accident scene, recording audio sound bites describing the accident and submitting the claims data to their regional office for processing.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Our Client partnered with Centric to develop iPhone and Android applications that demonstrated mobile’s ability to satisfy complex claims submission requirements and re-invent the user experience for insurance customers. Centric’s expert mobile developers and architects combined forces to build an intuitive, native iPhone application that any policyholder can leverage, and that is rapidly extensible to other insurance product offerings. Centric also leveraged its vast knowledge in the insurance industry to provide recommendations on how to consume the policyholder’s claim data and integrate mobile web services into their back-end platform.

Centric Delivers

The native application leverages the most advanced and innovative capabilities of Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, transforms and enhances the user experience for insurance claims transactions and provides this Insurance carrier with market differentiation in an increasingly competitive industry.

Mobile Insurance capabilities include:

  • GPS and Reverse Geocoding for accident location.
  • Camera and Photo Library for capturing accident scenes and property damage.
  • Audio recording/playback for recording sound bites.
  • Device-resident data storage for accessing prior claims history.
  • Integrates with mobile email to security transmit claims data.
  • Compatible with Insurance website API’s for back-end IT systems integration.
  • Intuitive user interface controls and screen flow transitions.