Mobile Workflow Solutions For Field Automation and Job Order Intake

Business Need
Our client, a leading provider of residential and commercial restoration and cleaning services, wanted to develop a mobile-friendly solution that improved their field organization’s ability to service customer job sites. They needed a solution that worked regardless of network connectivity, improved job response time and quality of service, and digitized paper-based forms and workflows.
Enter Centric
This disaster recovery specialist partnered … Read More

Transformation Through Effective HR Project Management

Centric’s project management experts helped a global manufacturing company develop a more cohesive HR operating model.

Luxury Caribbean Resort Better Engages with Guests Using New Mobile App Powered by BlueBeak

The Business Need
Grand Lucayan Bahamas, a leading resort on Grand Bahama Island, wanted to improve the experience of their guests, many who are first time visitors to the island. The resort also wanted to increase the ancillary revenue from all of its many services including restaurants, bars, and recreational facilities.
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Life Insurance Technology Strategy

The Business Need
A leading holding company that provides specialty insurance products delivers quality and reliable services to the Canadian and U.S. markets through strategic alliances and two distinct distribution channels via two aging, but reliable, policy administration systems.
The cost and complexity of managing two systems, combined with the variance in service by product and system, … Read More

Mobile Application Development for Time & Expense Reporting

The Business Need
Dovico Software, a leading developer of Time Management Solutions whose products provide project management tools and time and expense tracking services for companies such as National Geographic, DHL, Heinz and PitneyBowes, was looking to provide mobile capability to its customers by creating an innovative smart phone application that enabled busy, on-the-go professionals to … Read More

Employee Directory Mobile App

The Business Need
Centric’s employee population has exceeded 400 consultants driven by a purposeful growth strategy and client demand. To keep overhead costs low, Centric’s Shared Services group has been executing a strategy to build cloud-based operational platforms that expose company data via web services. An initial goal of our cloud-based back office platform was to … Read More