Data Governance for Healthcare

Business Need
An extended season of rapid growth left a top regional pediatric hospital with a complex data landscape, including enterprise software with numerous department-specific applications that had their own data silos. Many of these systems fed data to the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Users employed a variety of tools to access data, with many having access to the same … Read More

Claims Submission and Management Mobile App Development

The Business Need
The leading North American provider of innovative, technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions embarked on an initiative to enhance customer self-service for business clients and their employees. Enabling their business client’s employees to monitor and manage worker’s compensation, disability and leave benefits claims would improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs associated … Read More

Private Equity Hospitality Industry Investment Firm Seeks Strategy and Architecture Guidance

The Business Need
The CEO of a private equity firm felt his company wasn’t getting the value it needed from IT. Reporting and analytics were basic, slow, and inflexible; IT wasn’t delivering new services to benefit the business. On the other hand, IT felt it was too overwhelmed maintaining the current systems to be able to … Read More

Insurance Mobile App Development – A Case Study

The Business Need
A Midwestern insurance carrier wished to streamline claims submissions and improve insurance accessibility for policyholders with smartphones. This carrier also wanted to take advantage of device-specific functionality including taking pictures of the accident scene, recording audio sound bites describing the accident and submitting the claims data to their regional office for processing.
Centric’s High-Impact … Read More

Life Insurance Technology Strategy

The Business Need
A leading holding company that provides specialty insurance products delivers quality and reliable services to the Canadian and U.S. markets through strategic alliances and two distinct distribution channels via two aging, but reliable, policy administration systems.
The cost and complexity of managing two systems, combined with the variance in service by product and system, … Read More

Agile Test Driven Development

Business Need
A major insurance client was undertaking the development of a new quoting application. The new platform was expected to have a lifetime of 15 years with ongoing and numerous enhancements.
A traditional design, build and test development methodology was generating an unmanageable number of defects and an unpredictable schedule. Traditional testing was prone to long regression … Read More

Business Intelligence Development

The Business Need
The Investment group at a large national insurance company’s charter is to manage the cash earned by other Business Units within the insurance company by investing it in a wide variety of investment vehicles of varying complexity and durations.  The Investment Group had disparate systems and non-homogeneous business processes that were not providing … Read More

Business Intelligence Transforms Online Education

The Business Need
An online public school was challenged with the following goals:

Increasing student retention rates;
Increasing student performance on state-administered tests;
Increasing student grades in the virtual classroom;
And increasing performance of students in targeted demographic areas like economic disadvantagement, ethnicity and special needs.

The client needed an integrated perspective across Education, Operations and Finance in order to better … Read More

Web Portal Build

The Business Need
A large regional insurance company had outdated web and application server technology that prevented it from keeping up with self service standards required in the insurance industry. Business owners were not able to quickly make the changes mandated by the business. Technologically the sites were built on a difficult to use and arcane … Read More

Java Based Architecture Development

The Business Need
With assets exceeding $80 billion, this State Pension System provides both pension and health care coverage health care coverage to more than 200,000 workers and beneficiaries. The Pension Systems members can purchase service years to accelerate qualification for retirement benefits. Skilled employees well versed in the business rules use a cumbersome, error prone manual process to … Read More

Rapid Application Development

The Business Need
When a major customer makes a major request, one is obliged to comply.  The client employs 12 and produces specialty-printing products in a competitive industry. Their largest customer employs more than 35,000 and expects considerable attention from its vendors. Our client learned that future business with its large customer would require interfacing with … Read More

SOA for Policy Management

The Business Need
A property and casualty insurer launched a program to deliver web-based policy inquiry and rate quoting services.  After two years, the program had made limited progress toward the objectives set forth by executive management.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
The insurer partnered with Centric to focus the project on performance improvement and technology best practices. Centric has … Read More

Mergers and Acquisition Technical Diligence

The Business Need
A Private Equity (PE) fund was created to invest $250M purchasing companies in the Financial Services Payments arena. Target companies primarily consisted of Independent Software Vendors providing products and services to process various types of financial payments.
The buy out fund had abundant financial, market, and operational experience, but lacked the ability to assess … Read More

Mobile Application Development for Time & Expense Reporting

The Business Need
Dovico Software, a leading developer of Time Management Solutions whose products provide project management tools and time and expense tracking services for companies such as National Geographic, DHL, Heinz and PitneyBowes, was looking to provide mobile capability to its customers by creating an innovative smart phone application that enabled busy, on-the-go professionals to … Read More

Employee Directory Mobile App

The Business Need
Centric’s employee population has exceeded 400 consultants driven by a purposeful growth strategy and client demand. To keep overhead costs low, Centric’s Shared Services group has been executing a strategy to build cloud-based operational platforms that expose company data via web services. An initial goal of our cloud-based back office platform was to … Read More

Portal Software Selection

The Business Need
A large regional insurance company was experiencing difficulty with the ongoing maintenance, update, and expansion of its public facing and agent-only web sites. Business owners needed to engage IT to make any type of change to their web sites and this was done on timeframes often not acceptable to their business owners. IT … Read More

E-commerce Strategy and Deployment

The Business Need
For several years, a specialty footwear and accessories retailer has enjoyed impressive double-digit growth, but so far has only sold their products through traditional stores in shopping centers across the country. Many competitors sell products via e-commerce websites, but at the time the client only used its website to provide basic information on … Read More

CIO Mentoring

The Business Need
A County Children’s Services Agency asked their CIO to resign due to performance issues. Ill-equipped to find or train a CIO quickly, they sought a temporary solution. Centric was engaged to manage the IT organization while coaching and evaluating the existing, relatively inexperienced, top candidate for the position. Should this candidate prove unable … Read More