Solving Dashboard Reporting and Analytics Needs for Company Leaders

The Business Need
Our client had recently upgraded to a new account management system, but still lacked clear insight into their data and metrics.
The company, an executive search firm, was looking for a simple, intuitive way to support their practice leaders by giving them the ability to monitor, analyze and respond to all of their information.
It … Read More

Applying Agile BI Methodology to Improve Data Reporting and Analytics

The Business Need
Our client, an automobile parts distributor, had existing reports providing transactional data, but they did not have the ability to review all of their information in one place.
This was impacting their ability to analyze their data and produce accurate, comprehensive reports to help them show partners the company’s value – a critical need … Read More

Software Product

QualMap: A New Data Management System for Comprehensive Food Quality and Safety Analysis

The Business Need
Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, grocery retailers, and restaurants all collect data on the quality and safety of the food we consume. Monitoring this information is important for efficient production and to ensure the quality and safety of the process.
With 50 years of experience in food quality, safety, and testing, Mérieux NutriSciences wanted … Read More

Employee Benefits Brokerage Management System Integration

The Business Need
A leading international insurance broker was working with a vendor to move all of their agencies from multiple legacy Brokerage Management Systems (BMS) and consolidate to one enterprise system. In doing so, they needed to ensure that the existing integrating applications worked with the new BMS.
The need was to understand the workflow of … Read More

Mobile Application Development for Large Direct Sales Company

The Business Need
Our client, a large direct sales company, was looking to introduce an innovative and engaging mobile application to complement a new web-based system they were implementing to help their sales force manage contacts, plan sales events and manage orders. This was their second attempt to roll out the web-based system. The first attempt … Read More

Leveraging Program Management Methodology Rigor During Merger Integration Activities

The Business Need
Our client, a $17B retail organization, was in the process of merging with one of their competitors when Centric was engaged. At the time, there were many questions and open decisions related to the merger. The client had not determined the headquarters location, had not named the CEO and had not made any … Read More

Process Identification, Prioritization, Documentation and Opportunity Analysis

Business Need
Our client, a large international financial services firm, endeavored to create a more standardized, process-driven approach to training for operational roles. Process-driven operational roles were not well documented by the client, nor were they documented in a way that was easy for a new user to follow independently. In addition, training for new employees … Read More

Re-visioning and Management of Internal Custom Development Effort

The Business Need
Centric’s client, a leader in food service and facilities management, engaged their internal development team to build a custom software solution to support the needs of their asset management business unit. The complexity of the project exceeded the capabilities of their internal management structure and they, after four months of development, reached out to … Read More

Product Launch Software Support and Rollout Strategy

The Business Need
Our client, a wholesale provider of voice services, decided to launch a new product line focused on cloud-based PBX phone services implemented in a wholesale model for their clients. Their clients, value-added resellers (VARs), would manage the phone service for their end customers, and our client would host the environment and software.
The client … Read More

Social Business Analytics Solution

The Business Need
Centric and Jive Software, a leader in social business, have been partners since early 2011. Jive’s collaboration platform connects employees, customers and partners to increase productivity, creativity and innovation.
One of the needs expressed by many Jive customers was a capability to provide analytics that combined ease of use, similar to Jive’s Community Manager … Read More

Jive Software Social Intranet Implementation

The Business Need
A leading market research firm needed a replacement for their multiple global intranets and existing content management solutions. With the rapid growth of social software and plethora of choices, the firm needed a partner to help them find the right solution and effectively implement the chosen platform.
The process for choosing the right solution … Read More