Mobile Workflow Solutions For Field Automation and Job Order Intake

Business Need
Our client, a leading provider of residential and commercial restoration and cleaning services, wanted to develop a mobile-friendly solution that improved their field organization’s ability to service customer job sites. They needed a solution that worked regardless of network connectivity, improved job response time and quality of service, and digitized paper-based forms and workflows.
Enter Centric
This disaster recovery specialist partnered … Read More

SOA for Policy Management

The Business Need
A property and casualty insurer launched a program to deliver web-based policy inquiry and rate quoting services.  After two years, the program had made limited progress toward the objectives set forth by executive management.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
The insurer partnered with Centric to focus the project on performance improvement and technology best practices. Centric has … Read More

Inventory Reconciliation System

The Business Need
One of the nation’s largest supermarket chains was using a cumbersome and error-prone manual process to collect information and reconcile physical inventories at each store twice a year. The information came from hard copy reports from various mainframe systems, as well as hand-written inventory forms completed by store managers. Inventory numbers from these … Read More

Distribution Operations Process Optimization

The Business Need
Our client is the second largest US distributor of interactive video games and consoles. Like many distributors in the entertainment retail space transaction volume is cyclical in nature. They must be able to meet significant volume and complex product configuration demands over a 3 month period, during which they recognize approximately 80% of … Read More