Data Governance for Healthcare

Business Need
An extended season of rapid growth left a top regional pediatric hospital with a complex data landscape, including enterprise software with numerous department-specific applications that had their own data silos. Many of these systems fed data to the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Users employed a variety of tools to access data, with many having access to the same … Read More

Mobile Healthcare App Development– A Case Study

The Business Need
The largest public hospice corporation in the U.S. needed to maintain market leadership by innovating their patient intake services and clinician workflows. As new healthcare legislation threatened operating margins, our client needed to reduce costs by enabling nurse liaisons to capture sensitive patient information faster and cheaper, with greater accuracy. They needed a … Read More

Business Transformation in Vision Care

The Business Need
Our client built their business on flexibility and customer service, creating internal capabilities to support the business through custom development on an IBM AS/400 platform.
Once it became clear that they needed to change platforms to better manage business operations and customer relations, the company began evaluating alternatives that would have no impact customers … Read More

Tax Free Spin off of Clinical and Medical Products Businesses

The Business Need
In September 2008, a major health care company announced plans for a tax-free spin-off of its clinical and medical products businesses as a separate public company.
A High-Impact Approach
The Contracts workstream was an integral and critical path element of the Spin. Centric added value in the following areas:

Provided guidance and oversight to internal business … Read More

Portal Used to Slash Operating Costs

The Business Need
A Health Care Provider establishes and manages employer sponsored on-site clinics providing primary care health services to employees and their dependents. The Provider’s Management realized they needed a better Electronic Health Record (eHR) system because:

The current vendor-provided eHR system’s cost increased as the number of managed records increased. This cost model was increasingly … Read More

Pharmaceutical Managed Care Rebate Project

The Business Need
The Diabetes Care unit of this pharmaceutical firm manages roughly 60 managed care provider contracts that pay the providers rebates when certain contract criteria are met. The process currently requires several employees to manually import and scrub data submitted by providers. Next the submitted file is passed to a third party vendor for … Read More

Health Care Manufacturing Product Launch

The Business Need
A major healthcare manufacturing organization had a long-standing reputation of finding new, life improving technologies. The company launched a new organization to spearhead the development, approval, and introduction of a new anesthetic technology. While launching a new product in a new company is always exciting, it also requires a lot of work. Processes, … Read More

Accounts Payable Process and Organization Redesign

The Business Need
A nationally renowned pediatric medical center had experienced rapid growth, doubling its staff over six years while expanding to sixteen patient care sites throughout the region it served.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
With rapid growth came a need for more efficient administrative operations. One specific area, accounts payable, was targeted to:

Improve the accuracy and overall effectiveness … Read More

Integrated eHR Open Source Portal

The Business Need
A regional Health Care Provider establishes and manages employer-sponsored, on-site clinics, providing primary care services to employees and their dependents. The Provider’s management realized they needed a better Electronic Health Record (eHR) system because:

The current vendor-provided eHR system’s cost increased as the number of managed records increased. A less expensive solution was needed.
The … Read More