Creating a BPM Center of Excellence

The Business Need
A major US-based financial services firm had previously implemented a limited number of internal processes using a legacy workflow tool.
The company was experiencing significant growth and had identified the need to improve numerous critical business processes. Company leaders realized their difficulty addressing these issues due to:

Limitations in process analysis and re-engineering
A current BPM tool with … Read More

Compliance Model Development

The Business Need
The Client’s executive team required better information flow and predictability with respect to financial reporting, in large part driven by Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements. Specifically, the client outlined the following objectives:

Complete the Federal tax return by April 15th
Provide more precise information and forecasts in management reporting
Improve communication and relationships with business units and other … Read More

Business Intelligence Development

The Business Need
The Investment group at a large national insurance company’s charter is to manage the cash earned by other Business Units within the insurance company by investing it in a wide variety of investment vehicles of varying complexity and durations.  The Investment Group had disparate systems and non-homogeneous business processes that were not providing … Read More

Large Financial Services Institution

The Business Need
Our client, a large financial institution, manages the custom development of over 400 financial applications on across an incredibly diverse base of platforms.  Each application team managed their own support team and processes, creating redundancy, excessive costs and unnecessary complexity for their operations staff.  Previous efforts to establish a centralized support model had … Read More

Developing ITIL® Best Practices and Deploying Service Now, an ITIL ® / ITSM tool for IT Organizations

The Business Need
Our Client, a leading U.S. Regional Bank has grown through acquisitions.  The Technology organization has been working with processes from days when they were a small community bank. Our Client’s Technology team made the commitment to develop or refine their Service Transition, Service Operation and Service Design processes and deploy an ITIL compliant … Read More

Global Technical Support

The Business Need
Our client, a large financial institution, established a new revenue stream marketing their back-office platform to investment management firms. In a highly complex financial services product offering, their Subject Matter Experts were quickly overwhelmed with global support requirements that far exceeded their initial expectations.
After initial consultation with the client, it was apparent that … Read More

Top 25 U.S. Bank: Mobile App for Banking

The Business Need
Our client, a leading U.S. retail bank, wanted to design and develop a new mobile banking application to replace their existing mobile application. Their legacy application was not designed for the needs of the mobile user, nor did it exploit the functionality of typical mobile devices.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
Our client partnered with Centric to … Read More

System Development Life Cycle: Better, Faster, Cheaper

The Business Need
Our Client, a leading U.S. Regional Bank has grown through acquisitions.  The Technology organization has been working with processes from days when they were a small community bank.  Our Client’s Audit team identified that Technology projects were not done consistently or with any repeatable or sustainable process methodology.   Additionally the business community … Read More

Strategic Information Management PMO

The Business Need
Our client, a leading U.S. Bank was looking to achieve its business goals while meeting regulatory requirements (e.g. Dodd Frank, Basell II) and effectively managing risk.   There were many business/technical projects across several business lines that were initiated to achieve these goals.  A  Program Management Office (PMO) was initiated to monitor progress … Read More

Accounts Payable Process and Organization Redesign

The Business Need
A nationally renowned pediatric medical center had experienced rapid growth, doubling its staff over six years while expanding to sixteen patient care sites throughout the region it served.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
With rapid growth came a need for more efficient administrative operations. One specific area, accounts payable, was targeted to:

Improve the accuracy and overall effectiveness … Read More

PMO Creation

The Business Need
With assets exceeding $100 billion, this client is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. A key corporate department was experiencing some ‘growing pains’ and was looking to optimize their IT investment.
Centric’s High-Impact Approach
Centric implemented an IT strategy that included the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO) … Read More

Mergers and Acquisition Technical Diligence

The Business Need
A Private Equity (PE) fund was created to invest $250M purchasing companies in the Financial Services Payments arena. Target companies primarily consisted of Independent Software Vendors providing products and services to process various types of financial payments.
The buy out fund had abundant financial, market, and operational experience, but lacked the ability to assess … Read More

E-commerce Business Model Development

The Business Need
A $300 million provider of short-term loans operates more than 1,000 retail locations across 35 states. Because of the company’s success, management saw an opportunity to expand its business and reach new customers via an online business.
The company sought to establish and quickly grow market share in the online lending market. Management set … Read More

Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

The Business Need
A large financial services corporation sought to completely restructure its procurement organization, recognizing an opportunity to create greater value for shareholders. Specifically, executive management wanted to:

Increase the ability to deliver against both near-term and longer-term savings expectations.
Increase the ability to sustain and grow savings for the corporation.
Develop a ‘world class’ procurement and supply … Read More