Energy Rebate Company Makes Move to Faster Online System

The Business Need
An energy rebate company, which provides incentive fulfillment services to utility clients throughout the United States, needed to respond to their clients’ increasing and ever-changing business requests.
However, their internally developed incentive management system had become unwieldy and costly with annual updates to these systems taking anywhere from three to nine months. Everything was … Read More

cloud ERP

Regional Consulting Firm Makes Move to Oracle NetSuite Cloud

The Problem
Founded over 15 years ago, Centric Consulting has continued to grow each year since. Recent accelerated growth, mainly due to homegrown partnerships, had led to increased revenue of more than $120 MM.
During this entire time, the company ran its financials using QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets. Its Shared Services group, the company’s operations arm, had … Read More

Implementing a Scaled Automated Testing Framework for Rapid Triage

The Business Need
A leading chemistry content curator and re-publisher had embarked on a sweeping program to replace their content publishing platform. With several trillion documents, the client needed a way to ensure documents were cross-referenced, indexed, and searchable.
To verify the new content publishing platform was performing as expected, they also needed an automation and … Read More

Agile Transformation: Automating Tests Within A Sprint

The Business Need
A leading regional insurance provider strategically rebuilt their commercial insurance quoting platform with a modern .NET platform. Teams initially reported great results with their Agile transformation.
However, as the number of teams contributing to the code base grew, team velocity slowed down – mostly because of inefficient testing practices.
Enter Centric
Centric partnered with … Read More

Leading a DevOps Transformation

The Business Need
A leading supplier of food products, personal care products, electronics, and clothing to correctional facilities was unable to update their systems with modern features in a timely fashion. This led to an increase in customer complaints.
The company realized they could deploy faster with better quality by applying DevOps practices.
Enter Centric
As their partner, … Read More

Creating a BPM Center of Excellence

The Business Need
A major US-based financial services firm had previously implemented a limited number of internal processes using a legacy workflow tool.
The company was experiencing significant growth and had identified the need to improve numerous critical business processes. Company leaders realized their difficulty addressing these issues due to:

Limitations in process analysis and re-engineering
A current BPM tool with … Read More

How We Partnered with Say Insurance to Implement a Big Data Solution

Centric recently teamed with Say Insurance™ to provide analytics support for a new business within the Shelter Insurance® family.
With Centric’s core values of bringing unmatched experiences and Say’s core purpose of bringing an unprecedented level of transparency and ease of doing business in the insurance industry, it was a natural fit to help Say … Read More

Solving Dashboard Reporting and Analytics Needs for Company Leaders

The Business Need
Our client had recently upgraded to a new account management system, but still lacked clear insight into their data and metrics.
The company, an executive search firm, was looking for a simple, intuitive way to support their practice leaders by giving them the ability to monitor, analyze and respond to all of their information.
It … Read More

Applying Agile BI Methodology to Improve Data Reporting and Analytics

The Business Need
Our client, an automobile parts distributor, had existing reports providing transactional data, but they did not have the ability to review all of their information in one place.
This was impacting their ability to analyze their data and produce accurate, comprehensive reports to help them show partners the company’s value – a critical need … Read More

Enhancing a Flawed Sales Bonus Payout Process for an Adult Nutrition Company

The Business Need
A prominent adult nutrition company was experiencing numerous challenges that were impacting their overall sales organization.
Their sales bonus payout process was extremely manual and often led to incorrect payouts. Team members were spending a significant amount of time validating their bonus calculations as opposed to focusing on sales and were often expected to … Read More

Business & IT Process Master Plan for Water & Wastewater Treatment Services Company

The Business Need
The client, which provides potable water and wastewater treatment services to homes and businesses in Florida, had experienced significant growth in the past decade. It had more than doubled its customer base, which created pressure on existing people, processes and systems.
Systems were not leveraged to their fullest potential, manual and duplicate efforts were … Read More

Life and Annuities Insurance Provider Gets New Business Paperless Process

The Business Need
A life and annuity insurance provider was using an existing BPM solution to process a fraction (~25%) of new policy applications while the remainder relied on paper-based processing.  Even within the BPM solution, tasks were being performed across multiple roles with varying workloads.
The business expressed a desire to standardize their processes in order … Read More

QualMap: A New Data Management System for Comprehensive Food Quality and Safety Analysis

The Business Need
Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, grocery retailers, and restaurants all collect data on the quality and safety of the food we consume. Monitoring this information is important for efficient production and to ensure the quality and safety of the process.
With 50 years of experience in food quality, safety, and testing, Mérieux NutriSciencesRead More

A School Cuts Down on Disciplinary Issues

Advanced analytics and machine learning helped get to the bottom of this Ohio school’s issue: An uptick in student visits to principal’s office. office.

Leverage Social Media as Part of Your Digital Strategy

The Business Need
A P&C Insurance Carrier needed to leverage social media channels for selling to and servicing customers as part of their enterprise transformation program. They had little experience with social media and needed guidance in getting started. The client asked Centric to develop a social media strategy and roadmap that aligned with and supported their … Read More

Xamarin Mobile Application Developed for Emergency Medical Transportation

The Business Need
The #1 question of anyone dealing with emergency air transports is “Where is my helicopter?”. Conveying information about aircraft status, location, and ETA is critical in communications between emergency responders, medical transport service providers and hospital staff. Improving communications and response time is vital to saving lives and ensuring emergency first responders are … Read More

Mobile Application Improves Field Execution Support

The Business Need
Our client was an electricity provider which utilized a large field organization servicing more than 500,000 customers across 6,000 square miles. The existing legacy application was expensive to support and did not provide real-time information on job orders or dispatch instructions. They needed something that worked regardless of network connection, improved access to … Read More

Revamp Your Website To Work Offline

A key issue for field organizations is getting real-time information on customer orders and job details in locations with spotty network coverage. Our client needed a solution that worked regardless of network connection, improved access to real-time customer information and was compatible with the widest variety of tablets and phones.
Problem solved. Not only did we … Read More

Digital Strategy Planning to Define Priorities, Key Initiatives and Strategic Roadmap

This consumer lending company was facing a shrinking retail channel, growth in digital channels and the emergence of nimbler competitors that were bringing new products to market faster at a lower cost to serve. They needed a 3-year strategic plan and roadmap for taking advantage of new digital opportunities
We had cross department discussions that we’ve never … Read More

Digital Marketing Capabilities

Understanding How Digital Marketing Capabilities Stack Up Against The Competition

The Business Need: Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment
The Chief Marketing Officer of a regional insurance company needed to better understand the maturity of their digital marketing ecosystem and how they compared to others in their industry. This insight was needed to prioritize and plan for future digital initiatives.
Enter Centric
The CMO enlisted Centric and a global digital agency … Read More

Leveraging Social Media As Part Of Your Business Strategy

The Business Need: Social Media Strategy
A P&C Insurance Carrier needed to leverage social media channels for selling to and servicing customers as part of their enterprise transformation program. They had little experience with social media and needed guidance in getting started. The client asked Centric to develop a social media strategy and roadmap that aligned with and … Read More

Centric Redesigns Regional Bank Digital Experience and Reduces Abandonment Rates

In order to stay competitive, Centric’s regional bank client wanted to improve the customer’s digital experience by redesigning their account opening processes across multiple channels to allow customers to start or expand their relationship when and how they chose.
A seamless customer experience for the end-to-end, digital account opening process was needed to increase conversions and decrease … Read More

Centric Builds Powerful Marketing Automation Platform for Massive-Scale Customer Communication

The Business Need
Our client, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), develops and sells productivity software delivered either online through a browser SaaS model or via more traditional desktop or mobile apps. Increasingly, licensing is a monthly subscription model.
To better connect with customers and increase monthly subscriptions, the ISV needed an engagement-focused marketing platform that allows for full lifecycle … Read More

Custom Salesforce App Enables Push Notifications To Millions

The Business Need
Centric’s client is a leading aggregator of mobile analytics. Their data collection and aggregation functions are used by more than 3,000 customers who have embedded the software into more than 37,000 apps, which in turn is deployed on just under 3 billion smartphones. Their analytics platform collects data from many leading retail, travel, weather, and news … Read More

North American Auto Manufacturer Provides Real-Time Advice To Lessor, Leading To More Cost Effective Vehicle Operation & Higher Lease Renewal Rates

The Business Need
A large North American luxury automobile manufacturer recognized the opportunity to use evolving digital technologies to build deeper connections with their vehicle’s owner during the lease lifecycle. Additionally, the marketing team believed that having the right tools and communication channels in place would allow for an uplift in lease renewal rates and new … Read More

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