On Thursday, Aug. 22 Centric held it’s main technology event, CampIO, in Louisville.

Held annually, CampIO is an opportunity for technology-minded people across Centric to get together and show off what they can do when not constrained by client requirements and platforms.

This year, presentations were given in 20-minute segments so a larger number topics could be discussed and more Centric team members could take part in the day.

Topics spanned the full gamut of technology-related subjects including Ruby, Scala, iOSan, Android, Windows Phone, Eureqa, Semantic Web, Bluetooth LE, OAuth, BB10, Xamarin and Tizen. There was even a presentation on developing an Arduino automated deer turret!

The session schedule included the following:

  • Magical Moments – Mobile Accessibility – William Klos
  • Single Page Web Apps with Durandal & Breeze – Marc Johnson
  • Centric Contacts for Windows Phone 8 – Brian Starr
  • Shining a Light on Shadow IT – Paul Holway
  • Arduino – Drew Brown
  • How SmartCatalog Can Take You There – Sarah Baker
  • I Know the Answer, But I Still Don’t Know Why – Aaron Aude
  • Tech SL Service Model Update – Mike Brannan
  • Hoosier Healthcare Challenge App – Ben Chesnut
  • The Screen App – Eric Galluzzo and Hitanshu Pande
  • Can a Manager Make a Mobile App? – Paul Holway
  • Centricity Summer Vacation Adventures – Parag Joshi
  • Android is Watching You – Shawn Wallace
  • The Structure of Knowledge – Jeff Kanel
  • A Tale of Federated Identity – Shawn WallaceChris Urian and Gwenn Denorme
  • Mobile Development with Xamarin – Brian Starr and Marc Johnson
  • Blackberry: Could They Knock it Out of the Park? – Chris Low
  • Code Katas – Shawn Wallace
  • Tizen – Eric Kenny

The day was a great time for collaboration, learning and sharing! See a few images below:

Camp IO attendees