Customer Experience and Journey Mapping

Providing a superior customer experience is becoming the critical differentiator between market leaders and followers.

The battleground for competitive advantage is now customer experience. All other things being equal, customers consistently prefer to do business with companies that:

  • Offer more compelling product or service offerings
  • Provide more flexibility and ease of use in terms of selecting a service or product
  • Deliver unmatched client experience and service
  • Establish a high degree of trust and confidence with their customers

Centric’s mission is to work with clients in developing and maintaining the sort of customer experience that fulfills these goals. Our service offerings are designed to provide clients with the ability to enhance their customers’ experience on a sustainable basis.

Learn How Centric’s Services Can Help Transform the Customer Experience

Every company is in business to deliver value to its customers. We have developed an integrated set of capabilities to assist our clients in better understanding their customer’s needs, preferences, and expectations and the key drivers of loyalty and customer satisfaction. Only then will companies be able to enhance their products and services to improve customer experience and value delivered.

We help our clients do this by providing support in the following areas:

Customer Research / Profile Development

The key to improving customer experience is to understand your customers fully. Companies must construct “complete” customer profiles using data from all available sources, such as direct marketing, email, web, social media, and syndicated data. These integrated, “360 degree” views of the customer offer a single, consistent view of the customer across the enterprise, and can serve as the foundation for creating marketing personas, improving products and services, and delivery enhanced customer service & care. These profiles become living models that can guide marketing and management decisions and will evolve as the business and markets change. The most important aspects of a customer profile include

  • Customer Analytics / Data Cleansing
  • Segmentation / Clustering
  • Needs, Preferences, Expectations
  • Loyalty Drivers
  • Buying Patterns

Voice of Customer Analysis

There is no better way to understand your customer’s needs, wants and desires than to ask and listen to them. We work with our clients to employ a variety of techniques to gain valuable customer insights and voice of customer information. These include

  • Interviews
  • Customer Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Contact Center / Chat Room Interactions
  • Social Media Conversations
  • Emails and Letters
  • Blogs and News

Findings from this analysis are analyzed and synthesized to transform feedback into insights that help enhance customer experiences, improve products and services, and provide for early crisis detection and remediation.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping has proven to be a great exercise to assess customer touchpoints and experiences from a customer’s point of view. These incredibly insightful maps provide a baseline by which improvement strategies are identified, prioritized and implemented.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to journey mapping. Centric’s robust methodology is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and complexity and includes

  • Journey Definition / Scoping
  • Persona Development
  • Initial Map Creation
  • Evaluation and Exploration
  • Brainstorming / Idea Generation
  • New Experience Design (Future State Journey)

Centric Consulting - Customer Experience and Journey Mapping