Business Analysis and Value Targeting

We identify, validate, and prioritize value-creation opportunities to achieve across-the-board advancement.

Service Overview

World-class organizations constantly challenge their business models to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver incremental value to their customers and stakeholders. Achieving and maintaining competitive advantage requires an organization to continually assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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To appropriately assess performance, it is necessary to consider multiple perspectives including customer, internal and external viewpoints (e.g., competition, industry, technology and regulatory considerations). This 360-degree view of organizational performance ensures that challenges and opportunities are appropriately understood and prioritized in the context of broader industry and competitive positioning.

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Centric has developed a full suite of business diagnostic and analytical techniques to assist organizations in identifying, validating, and prioritizing value creation opportunities. We have worked with small and middle-market organizations, as well as within divisions of large Fortune 100 companies, to assist with business analytics and value targeting efforts. Our experienced management consultants bring a strong mix of industry, strategy, operations and financial experience to assist our clients.


Service Capabilities

Centric’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Market Analysis and Competitive Benchmarking
  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • Cost Structure and Value Driver Analysis
  • Internal Business and Operational Assessments (Processes, Organization, Technology)

These capabilities can be leveraged either one-off or via an integrated business diagnostics and value targeting approach as illustrated below.

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Each of our capability areas are described in more detail below:

Market Analysis and Competitive Positioning

Understanding external business drivers and market/competitive positioning is critical to stay ahead of the competition. Regulatory, industry, competitive and technology changes can create opportunities or threats to an organization. Centric leverages industry and market research data, along with specialized data collection techniques, to help identify and categorize key business drivers and trends in these changing areas. We then work with our clients to analyze and characterize drivers in terms of near-term vs. long-term, positive vs. negative impact and degree of impact. Finally, we help assess implications to the organization and prioritize the importance of each business driver.

Voice of Customer Analysis

Gathering voice of customer information is crucial to understanding customer perspectives on current performance and future customer needs / desires. Staying close to customers and implementing a process to continually capture and analyze customer information is a key part of this process. We work with our clients to gather and analyze customer data in a structured and objective manner. This can be done through a variety of techniques including mining existing data, customer surveys and detailed customer interviews / focus groups. We then help organizations distill key findings and incorporate them into other assessment and strategic planning activities.

Cost Structure and Value Driver Analysis

Organizations typically have a wealth of financial and operational data to draw upon to analyze performance. This data is typically made available via various business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. The challenge, however, is how to appropriately structure and analyze the data to identify key performance issues and value drivers. Centric helps solve this by leveraging various analytical methods to identify and prioritize value drivers such as value tree analysis, value stream mapping and product / customer channel analysis. Sensitivity analysis can then be applied to model and determine which drivers offer the “biggest bang for the buck.” The findings can then be overlaid with internal and external assessment findings to help validate opportunity areas.

Internal Business and Operational Assessments (Processes, Organization, Technology)

A company’s processes, organization structure, personnel and technology solutions collectively define how work gets accomplished and value is delivered. World-class organizations are constantly reviewing current performance and effectiveness of core operational areas to identify issues and improve performance.

Centric has developed a comprehensive methodology and approach for assessing performance and maturity levels of operational areas including sales and marketing, operations, customer service and shared services. We take both a quantitative and qualitative approach to our assessment work. This includes performance base lining and benchmarking, process analysis, management interviews and working sessions in order to gain a better perspective of performance and identify true root cause issues. We then bring all these findings together into an assessment summary that articulates key issues, opportunities and recommendations by operational area.