Our Integrated Approach to Organization Design and Business Architecture


Our Philosophy

“Design from the outside-in, align from the inside-out.”

We will help you create the best organization design for your business needs – and the optimal change journey to get there – in a way that is right for your culture and people. 

We can help you: 

  • Understand who your most important stakeholders are 
  • Determine how to incorporate their needs into your strategic direction 
  • Execute your strategy 
  • Configure your operations to drive business outcomes. 

[Whitepaper] From Out-of-Sync to In Alignment

We have collected our seasoned consultants’ organization design knowledge and insights in a new white paper, From Out-of-Sync to In Alignment: How Modern Leaders Design Organizations for Optimal Results.


Since our founding more than 20 years ago, Centric Consulting has helped clients of varying sizes across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and insurance design and optimize their organizations.

Our experienced consultants know the effort and energy it takes to drive transformational change and align your operating model to your business’s strategic intent.  

Their fresh eyes and comprehensive approach will help your organization become “fit for purpose” — intentionally designed so that each part of your organization works together to produce the results you need, regardless of outside forces or inside drivers.


Great organizations do not happen by accident. Instead, they result from strategic intent — a combination of vision, strategy, capability definition and established leadership.

Strategic intent guides the configuration of your operating model and the drive to produce your desired business outcomes. 


To succeed, you must be able to get out of “design mode” and implement changes quickly, but intelligently.

We will help you get off the drawing board and start creating a sustainable, healthy organization.


Your ability to pivot given changes in the competitive landscape or operating environment depends on leaders who embrace agility.

They must be willing to create an environment that fosters flexible designs that can shift when change happens—and change always happens.


We know that it is not enough to help you design the right organizational model for your business.

We will work with you to create teams that have the knowledge and confidence to continuously align, adjust and refine your organization for optimal performance.

The Hybrid Workplace is Here: Now What?

In today’s ever-changing world, modern businesses need a model that combines virtual and in-person work. But how do you build a hybrid workplace that preserves your company’s culture, productivity and information security?

Not sure what you need? Let’s figure it out together.