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Sourcing and Procurement Services

We drive value through sourcing and procurement transformation.


Holistic Sourcing and Procurement Approach

We have developed a holistic approach to sourcing and procurement for our clients that combines strategy, governance and execution to not only drive benefits, but also sustain and improve solutions over time. A key tenet of our strategy is balancing direct savings initiatives with building world-class, sustainable procurement capabilities within a company’s procurement processes, organizational structures, and technology solutions.

It is not enough to drive one-time savings. It is more important to establish effective capabilities and solutions within a procurement organization to achieve continual savings.

Sourcing and Procurement Services

Our Sourcing and Procurement Services capabilities include:


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Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

We work with clients to successfully transform sourcing and procurement departments to meet internal and external needs. We use a proven phased approach to address key components of the sourcing and procurement transformation, starting with an experience-based assessment and followed by parallel delivery of savings and sustaining capabilities. We then work with you to develop and implement a roadmap to successfully streamline solutions and improve the business process.

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Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

We work with our clients to understand spend categories and identify strategies to reduce cost. Procurement services cover a broad array of spend and subcategories with specific importance varying by industry and organization. Segmenting spend and applying the appropriate category management and sourcing strategy is critical to cost reduction and procurement organization success.

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Strategic Sourcing Services

We understand the challenges of strategic sourcing and procurement to help companies align their strategies with the goals of the enterprise. We create flexible frameworks to respond faster in volatile market conditions. This flexibility in sourcing and procurement operations plays a key role in a company’s ability to respond to the evolving needs of customers.

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Procure To Pay Process Improvement

We understand that procurement transactions need to be fast, error-free and dependable. We show organizations how to gain full visibility over the lifecycle of a transaction and make procurement improvements for positive change. This is achieved through services that analyze performance against best practices, discover gaps and develop a roadmap to optimize the procurement process and gain business value.

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Contract Management and Compliance

We help clients control spend and ensure contract compliance through the development of measures and controlling activities. Our sourcing and procurement experts combine diverse industry backgrounds with current industry benchmarking data to identify cost savings and manage risk associated with poorly written contracts.

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Supplier Management and Partnering Programs

Three critical supply chain measures are quality, cost and time. Each of these measures can be improved through proper management of suppliers. We help clients identify the proper type of supplier relationship for a purchase and develop recommendations and services to improve
these measures.

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Governance and Organization

A key attribute for world-class procurement operations is a strong and user-friendly set of policies and procedures as well as the controls to monitor them. We use a spend-centric procurement approach to help our clients define the appropriate structure (centralized, decentralized, or central-led) for core spend categories. Our sourcing and procurement experts also help define roles and responsibilities of various stakeholder groups that manage spend across your organization.

technology enablement
Technology Enablement

We work with clients to select, configure and implement software solutions to optimize their value chain. Our experts gain a deep understanding of your technology needs and develop a high-level application architecture along with supporting requirements. As a part of this architecture, we help you realize the benefits of past and future technology investments – like sourcing tools and services, procure-to-pay solutions, and contract management.

Sourcing and Procurement Process

An effective sourcing and procurement strategy needs an end-to-end perspective:

Sourcing and Procurement

Although many companies have initiated sourcing and procurement solutions and improvement programs in the past, many continue to face significant challenges in attaining and sustaining procurement savings. Challenges found when sustaining procurement savings include:

  • Attaining accurate and complete visibility of spend across company
  • Leveraging scale across diverse divisions and operating groups (purchasing power)
  • Segmenting spend and applying the appropriate category management and sourcing strategy to each category (centralized, central-led, decentralized)
  • Outlining clear ownership, accountability and fiscal responsibility on spend management



  • Driving efficiency and effectiveness of procure-to-pay processes and services as well as clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Managing risks associated with poorly written contracts
  • Controlling spend and ensuring contract compliance across the organization
  • Realizing benefits of past and future technology investments
  • Building and retaining procurement skills and category expertise in strategic spend areas



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