Process Excellence Program Enablement

Establishing a process-driven organization and driving cultural change around process management is a journey – one that needs to be supported with a comprehensive process excellence program.

Process Excellence Program Enablement Service Overview

Our Process Excellence (PEX) Program Enablement service is  a proven methodology designed to

  • Ensure alignment of key stakeholders.
  • Facilitate cultural change within organization.
  • Establish standardized methods, tools and approaches across a company.
  • Build dedicated process excellence teams.
  • Enhance skillsets of key process improvement personnel by training them on BPI methods.

With a properly structured PEX program, our clients are trained and equipped to drive process improvement  initiatives and establish a process excellence culture at the enterprise level. A disciplined and measurable PEX program enables an organization to become a process-focused and managed business through standardized methods, tools, and approaches that can be leveraged across the company.

Centric's Process Excellence Program Enablement

Service Capabilities

Our Process Excellence Program Enablement service is packaged to provide clients with end-to-end and point-specific solutions. We can bundle the service components based on your needs.

Sponsorship, Roadmap & Goals

  • Success of your process excellence program hinges upon strong sponsorship and a clearly defined roadmap. We’ll work you with you to establish executive sponsorship and clarify your process excellence goals.

Process Architecture, Alignment & Ownership

  • It’s critical to understand enterprise-wide processes and the relationships between them. We’ll help you identify key processes and owners who will ensure strategic alignment with organizational goals.

Change Management & Communications

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a structured process to help people adapt and adopt tomorrow’s new reality. To optimize process excellence results, you need to manage people by capturing the hearts and minds of all impacted groups. Learn how we can help you manage and communicate change to boost your process excellence effectiveness.

Governance Structure Formation

  • Developing and managing a process excellence program is complex and requires a comprehensive governance structure. A Center of Excellence (CoE) is the key mechanism to administer your process governance and maintain enterprise process architecture. We’ll work with you to establish the CoE for your process excellence program.

Methodology & Tool Dissemination

  • A standardized toolset and playbook enable you to execute projects effectively. Centric develops, disseminates and maintains best practice methodologies, tools, and analytics for your process excellence program.

Training & Skills Development

  • Training and skills development programs are aligned to the specific needs of your stakeholders and process excellence practitioners. Training is tailored by organization and leverages techniques from Lean and Six Sigma to TQM.

BPI / BPM Technology Solution Strategies

  • BPI / BPM technology solutions have evolved considerably. Breakthrough process improvements allow organizations to improve processes on a continuous basis. We’ll partner with your organization’s CoE to assess, select and deploy the solutions that are the best fit to support your business process management.

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