Customer Experience Excellence

We build customer loyalty through targeted and strategic customer service solutions.

Service Overview

Customer Experience Excellence, in Centric’s view, is aimed squarely at building customer loyalty based on targeted and highly effective customer satisfaction solutions. Centric’s strategic view is that the adroit management of customer effort – the amount of effort a customer exerts to receive an expected level of service – is the critical differentiator in building loyalty.

Customer Experience Excellence Delivery Model - Image

All other things being equal, an organization that is easy to do business with will be more attractive to customers than one which is not.

Our approach to Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) is to assess customer touchpoints in terms of their ease of use from a customer’s point of view. We bring the appropriate industry skills to engineer solutions that reduce a customer’s effort to consume an organization’s products or services.

At Centric, we believe that delivering short-term wins are critical to gaining the traction necessary to sustain long-term CEE improvements. In addition, we feel that the bulk of the value to be gained in this sort of strategic endeavor is in resolving complex issues. Our delivery methodology identifies CEE issues and prioritizes them such that short-term wins can be realized while time- and resource-intensive solutions are deconstructed, analyzed and resolved.

Gaining and sustaining measurable progress over the course of a solution’s delivery is a key tenet of Centric’s delivery model. Our ability to combine strategic CEE expertise with the right mix of relevant industry and technology skills makes Centric an ideal partner in achieving business objectives.


Service Capabilities

Customer Experience Excellence is composed of an integrated set of capabilities each designed to provide end-to-end solutions to match CEE challenges and opportunities. That being said, Centric realizes that clients have often been successful in realizing many CEE objectives before engaging us. Our philosophy is to leverage and incorporate this work into our solution delivery programs.

The full suite of CEE capabilities includes the following:

Customer Experience Excellence Workshop

Our workshop is an integrated knowledge-sharing program designed to identify and communicate CEE best practices. Topics covered include:

  • Why Customer Experience Excellence?
  • An Introduction to Customer Experience Scoring
  • Harnessing the Power of Web Self Service
  • Case Management Best Practices
  • Industry Specific CEE Best Practices

Customer Experience Diagnostic

Our diagnostic identifies customer touchpoints and evaluates their ease of use from a customer perspective. Through our process we define an organization-specific, customer engagement architecture, designed to clearly identify the technology and business processes that currently deliver the customer experience. A CEE diagnostic can also be structured to create a CEE solutions roadmap. This exercise will evaluate the relative business value and solution complexity associated with CEE gaps. Based on a client’s business priorities, this roadmap exercise enables clients to structure and articulate a way forward to deliver CEE solutions.

Customer Experience Scoring (CES)

Net Provider Score (NPS) is the de facto standard in gauging customer loyalty. CES provides an alternative and/or adjunct to NPS. It is based on the premise that, all other things being equal, customers prefer ease of use in selecting a product or service provider. CES answers the question, “How easy is it to do business with your company?” Utilizing custom-designed surveys and service delivery monitoring / measurement techniques, a CES engagement with Centric provides a comprehensive answer to this question. CES can be structured as a one-time event or as an ongoing monitoring function. It highlights both strengths and areas of improvement. CES allows clients to design and deploy corrective actions on a targeted and cost-effective basis.

CEE Solutions Delivery

CEE solutions delivery is focused on the design and delivery of sustainable CE improvements. Our solutions delivery approach encompasses both the technical architecture and business processes to identify cost effective solutions. We utilize our breadth of technical and industry-specific business consultants to partner with company thought leaders in creating effective solutions. Our experience tells us that these types of solutions often include an organizational component. Part of the Centric solutions approach is to assess and integrate, where appropriate, organizational change into the solutions approach to ensure value realization.