Customer and Channel Management

We improve customer relationships by maximizing communication channel effectiveness.

Service Overview

Centric’s Customer and Channel Management service offering provides clients with a suite of tools and professional consulting services. We begin by helping clients understand the effectiveness of their current customer relationship management efforts in order to then target and deliver improvements to sales and service operations.

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Centric accomplishes these objectives through three principal capabilities:

1. Service Model Architecture

Centric provides a structured evaluation of a client’s service capabilities against its business model and strategic objectives. This evaluation allows our team to identify strengths and gaps in a client’s servicing capabilities and recommend targeted improvements to enable our clients to better fulfill customers’ expectations.

Centric’s Service Model Architecture takes a holistic view of servicing assets including: contact centers, online outlets and other customer touch points. We combine technical expertise with industry experience to provide an integrated service model evaluation and roadmap for service delivery excellence.

2. Sales / Service Channel Effectiveness

Technology is rapidly expanding the range and capabilities of available channels to organizations for connecting with customers. Each channel is unique and offers both strengths and limitations when it comes to aligning with business needs and meeting customers’ expectations.

Centric works with companies to evaluate and assemble effective channel strategies that are specifically tailored to fit business models and meet strategic objectives. We help maximize the value of each channel and create a roadmap to grow channel capabilities.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Assessment

Centric provides clients with an objective and fact-based assessment of CRM platform solutions. Cloud-based solutions, third party packaged solutions and ‘home grown’ applications are all violable options, but Centric helps clients choose the structure that is best for their particular organization. Centric’s experts provide clients with a decision-making framework to evaluate and select a solution based on their long-term benefits and ability to support business objectives.


Service Capabilities

Centric’s Customer and Channel Management service offering is packaged to provide clients with both end-to-end and point-specific solutions. We bundle and deliver the principal components of this service offering in a manner which best meets our clients’ needs:

  • Service Model Architecture
  • Sales and Channel Effectiveness
  • CRM Platform Assessment

Service Model Architecture

Centric’s view is to begin with the business architecture underpinning an organization’s service delivery function. Service Model Architecture encompasses the structure and capabilities of an organization’s contact centers, web presence and other customer touchpoints. These assets collectively represent how well a company communicates and transacts business with its customer base.

Centric helps clients answer questions such as, “Is my organization delivering customer service at a competitive cost?” and “How does our service delivery results compare with competitors?” We evaluate the effectiveness of touch points against an organization’s overall strategy, products and service offerings to recommend successful engagement tactics and industry-leading practices.

The results of our analysis are often dramatic in terms of identifying both service gaps and opportunities to enable an organization to better serve its customer base.

Sales/Service Channel Effectiveness

Communication channel options are exploding with tweets, texts, emails, instant messages and Facebook posts. What’s next? As a developer of mobile applications and other technology solutions, Centric helps clients define and optimize communication channel strategies to fulfill business objectives.

CRM Platform Assessment

Whether a company has an integrated CRM platform spanning multiple business units or is just thinking about acquiring a CRM solution, Centric can provide a focused and unbiased set of alternatives for charting a CRM platform strategy.

As an alternative to assigning this analysis to an IT department, our counsel is to utilize an external entity to drive this analysis. Why do we feel this way? Our point of view is that most IT organizations are fundamentally ill-positioned to provide the necessary objectivity to effectively answer this line of questioning.

Here’s why – cloud-based CRM solutions are the fasting growing segment in the CRM vendor space. They offer multiple advantages in terms of speed to market and scalability. CRM vendors demonstrate this by interactively designing working solutions as part of a ‘live’ sales call. They can create in minutes or hours what it takes an IT organization weeks or months to do.

The bottom line is that CRM solutions provide businesses with a set of alternatives that can be threatening to internal IT roles. Above and beyond demonstrating delivery speed that few IT groups can match, cloud-based CRM installations typically eliminate the need for some internal IT employees. Developers and support staff are just not needed if the cloud-based vendor runs and maintains the system as part of their contract.

On the other hand, cloud-based CRM solutions can be very expensive. Given the complexity of the service model and size of customer contact support staff, the long-term cost of a cloud-based solution can be prohibitive. Companies need to calculate the break-even point at which a cloud-based CRM solution becomes more expensive than current software platforms.

Data security and system availability are often cited as the reason why an IT department does not select a cloud-based CRM vendor. It is Centric’s view that this is typically not a key decision factor. The performance and data security track record of the major cloud-based CRM vendors is superior to the same metrics for most organizations.

Through our objective and fact-based analysis, Centric works with clients to define CRM options and recommend smart solutions.