BlueBeak Usage Scenarios

How Can BlueBeak Help Solve Industry-Specific Issues?

Regardless of your industry, developing value-added services and introducing digital technologies that create touch points across the end-to-end customer journey can help your company boost client retention, loyalty, revenue, quality, productivity, and efficiency.

BlueBeak can serve as the innovation your company needs, giving digital strategy teams the ability to analyze data from beacons to impact customer engagement, create new revenue streams, and differentiate the brand identity.

Below are some examples of how BlueBeak can solve problems in different industries.


Healthcare providers face multiple challenges from improving patient experience and care coordination to taking advantage of digital advances to gain insights on population health. Here’s how BlueBeak can help:

  • Improve Patient Experience – Whether you want to help patients find their way around a facility or simply alert them about when a doctor will be visiting, BlueBeak can help provide secure, personalized instructions. You can even customize instructions based on language, location, and proximity.
  • Monitor Patient & Caregiver Activities – BlueBeak can help you collect and analyze patient and caregiver information at healthcare facilities such as traffic flow. Learn how long patients remain in a waiting room or how often nurses visit a patient’s bedside. You can also closely monitor patients with higher risk profiles or the keep track of the foam-in and foam-out activities of nurses.
  • Gain Operational Insights – Apply insights gathered from the data to help address operational deficiencies, reduce hospital errors, and curb accidents or infections.

Healthcare BlueBeak Example

Travel & Hospitality

BlueBeak can help meet specific business requirements for hoteliers and travel industry companies:

  • Improve Guest Experience – BlueBeak can help you improve guest experience by welcoming them to the property through a mobile app. You can also allocate more staff and resources to busy areas by monitoring beacon signals in real-time.
  • Offer Personalized Concierge – Provide guests the opportunity to carry a personalized concierge of services in their pocket by using BlueBeak’s mobile app feature. This would not only improve guest experience because they can get faster, better services with less effort. But it can lead to more sales and real-time feedback from customers.
  • Increase Revenue – Use BlueBeak to alert guests about new services or promotional offers based on proximity, interests, and prior engagement data.
  • Gain Operational Insights – Track and understand pain points by mapping the end-to-end customer journey process using BlueBeak, and design future guest experiences from your client’s point of view.

Bluebeak Hospitality Example


Introduce more touch points with insured by utilizing big data insights such as location, time and driving duration to develop behavioral-related risk management strategies. Here’s more on how BlueBeak can help:

  • Enhance Customer Experience – Use BlueBeak to provide families with young drivers the opportunity to monitor and correct driving behaviors such as texting-while-driving. Or, provide commercial clients with access to fleet phone usage while driving.
  • Offer Customer Savings – Give clients the opportunity to save money on insurance claims if they can prove through BlueBeak data that they’ve improved driving safety, which in-turn can lead to increased retention and satisfaction.
  • Increase Revenue Generation – BlueBeak creates new opportunities to cross-sell insurance services and improve brand awareness through push notifications and alerts.
  • Gain Operational Intelligence – Introduce more touch points with insured by identifying data patterns such as location, time, duration to develop behavioral-related strategies.

BlueBeak Insurance Example

Asset Management Scenarios

Have an asset that’s been lost or stolen? Nobody knows where it is? Unsure of the physical conditions of the asset and how it will impact its performance? Can’t afford to implement alternative technologies such as RFID, Infrared, or QR Codes? BlueBeak can help with:

  • Asset Management – Place beacons – which have individual IDs – on each asset, and document your asset availability by type, number, and use.
  • Asset Tracking and Monitoring – Use beacons placed on each asset to track the physical location as well as when it was last seen and its current state including temperature, lighting, and safety.
  • Security – Ensure assets are safely situated and handled by personnel with proper security authentication access.

BlueBeak Asset Management Example

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