Want to learn how content drives qualified hires, and buyers, to your door?

Hear Centric’s Carmen Fontana, National Talent Acquisition Manager, and Misty Walsh, National Marketing Lead, discuss how to attract candidates through content marketing initiatives in this on-demand webinar hosted by CareerArc.

Here’s what CareerArc has to say about the “Content Marketing for Talent Aquisition: How Content Drives Qualified Hires, and Buyers, to your Door” webinar:

Buyers are a lot like job candidates–they are bombarded by competing brands fighting for their attention. But the best candidates are like the best consumers: They do their own research, hoping to find exactly what you offer–the best product, and the ideal career opportunity. But do you produce the content your best buyers and hires are searching for that can influence their decision?

In the webinar, which originally took place on Wednesday, October 19th, you’ll learn how Centric’s content marketing initiatives drove exponential returns in talent and customer pipeline and acquisition. Session objectives include:

  • Discover which type of content resonates with consumers and buyers alike, and how to supply it efficiently and effectively.
  • Learn how to forge a lasting partnership with your marketing team founded on shared goals and fosters a culture of collaboration and employee engagement.
  • Know the content marketing best practices and tools you can apply immediately to achieve early wins that build momentum and consensus.

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About CareerArc

CareerArc is an HR technology company helping business leaders recruit and transition the modern workforce. CareerArc’s offices in Los Angeles and Boston are made up of 75+ unique teammates, working together to help HR leaders worldwide succeed in their recruitment and outplacement efforts. Their momentum is driven by people who are curious, passionate and dedicated to a customer-first culture.

About Speakers

Carmen Fontana co-leads the Modern Software Delivery service offering. Over the years she’s dabbled in all aspects of tech operations including project management, client services, talent acquisition and sales. Her zen is when innovation meets data-driven decision making.

Misty Walsh is Centric’s National Marketing Lead and is responsible for all marketing and communication initiatives representing Centric’s growing presence across the U.S. and India. She has an extensive background in digital communications, media relations, social media and brand messaging. There’s nothing she enjoys more than helping teams think about communications and customer interaction in new and creative ways.