Centric’s thought leadership and development expertise create a powerful QlikView-based solution to empower Jive Software’s community managers.

The Business Need

Centric and Jive Software, a leader in social business, have been partners since early 2011. Jive’s collaboration platform connects employees, customers and partners to increase productivity, creativity and innovation.

One of the needs expressed by many Jive customers was a capability to provide analytics that combined ease of use, similar to Jive’s Community Manager Reports (CMRs), and deep analysis, similar to Jive’s Business Objects (BOBJ) module. This combination would enable Jive customers to clearly understand what was happening in their community and, as a result, adjust their adoption strategies across the community to drive engagement. Centric developed a unique solution to make this a reality.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The fundamental information about Jive’s user activity data is publically available in Jive’s Community, but figuring out how to merge the data together and deliver it in a meaningful way proved to be complicated. Centric used their in-depth understanding of Jive and customer needs to determine the following:

  • What are the most important things for customers to understand?
  • How do they want the data presented?
  • What data needs to be presented together?
  • How do all the Jive data and features fit together in a meaningful way?
  • Most importantly, what types of adoption strategies should be implemented to address the data findings?

Centric, worked with local partner Woodmark Technologies to create an amazing, low-cost solution using QlikView’s business intelligence software. QlikView offered:

  • Blazing performance, allowing users to visually analyze tens of millions of Jive activity records in seconds.
  • A process to consolidate and cleanse data providing capabilities not available in the CMR or BOBJ modules.
  • The ability to incorporate external data into the analytics, allowing for advanced analysis.
  • Data merged together from Jive’s analytics (data warehouse) and core application database into a single view.

Jive Social Business Analytics Solution

The Results

Centric has made a significant difference for a number of Jive customers by implementing this comprehensive and easy-to-use tool. The analytics framework enables customers to manage their overall Jive Community with less effort and to clearly understand and manage Jive adoption for their community.

One of our trusted clients sums it up best:

One of the main benefits is having the information in one reliable source. Before the QlikView implementation, we relied on many different sources which just didn’t make sense together (CMR, BOBJ, admin console reports). Our team sometimes uses the CMRs for a quick sense of what’s going on in our community, but the QlikView solution enables us to dive deep into activity analytics. We are able to quickly filter down to what happened on a particular day, with a particular user, group, document, etc. All our favorite reports are just a click away and can be easily filtered by date, place, activity type, geographical location and more.

For a brief demo of Centric’s analytics tool, watch our brief 3+ minute video.