Real Green

Windmills?  Bio-Diesel?  Nuclear (sorry, I think it is).  Nope, it’s the Apple Tablet PC to be announced in 2010 and the effect it will have on traditional print media specifically newspapers and magazines.

Let’s back up a bit.  Certainly by now you have heard the rumors that in 2010 Apple will be coming out with a 7 inch x 10 inch touch like device that is being touted as a Apple Tablet PC.  I believe the rumors to be true.  If I were in charge of naming products at Apple, I’d name it the iRead.

So why is an iRead green?  Some facts.  In 2009 it makes absolutely no sense at all to:

  • Cut the trees down, truck them to the paper plants,
  • Smash them into paper, truck the paper to the printing plants,
  • Squirt toxic dies on them turning them into newspapers and magazines, truck them to the stores or your house,
  • Read them, and then in a matter of days throw them away, to
  • Finally have them trucked to the dump or recycling center.

Will the iRead catch on?  Big time.  I’m an avid reader; I love my magazines, and my newspapers.  I enjoy reading them on the porch (optimally), or wherever I land when I have spare moment.  However, I’ve always resisted online reading of magazines and newspapers because I spend all day behind a computer.  But, if I had a 7×10 Apple Touch-like device that worked like my iPhone, would I read my magazines and newspapers on it?  If I woke up in the AM and it was loaded and ready to go with the latest news?  If it was small and easy to carry around?  If it turned on in an instant like my iPhone (note no mention of the word “boot”)?  If I could flick from page to page?  If I didn’t have to carry stacks of magazines around?  If I could clip what I wanted and store it electronically? The answer is yes, absolutely.  The Apple iRead will be the right form factor, with the right OS – finally.

So why is this green?  Consider the volume of saved trees and inks as well as the reduction in burned fuels.  A green initiative with teeth, and measureable results.

So, why does the iRead matter… really matter?  In all likelihood, it will be your typical nice new device from Apple. But the kicker will be a Steve Jobs announcing that the iRead will come bundled with a major subscription-model partnership with either the WSJ, Chicago Tribune, NY Times, or USA Today.  The deal – Apple Tablet PC for $250 (less than the Kindle) if you agree to a 2 year contract with one of the above mentioned publications.  Other deals, including magazines will follow.  But, what will drive the adaption of Apple’s iRead in 2010?  The following:

  • Because it makes so much sense,
  • Each of the above-mentioned publications wants to be AT&T – that is the company that got the contract to be the exclusive newspaper on the Apple Tablet for 5 years, and
  • Deeper integration of online ROI-driven, measurable, targeted advertising.

And finally, another reason why the iRead is green.  Cash. Apple will sell millions of these iRead tablet PCs iPhone-fast.

I welcome you comments,
Mike Brannan