Last year, author Mike Brannan wrote a post entitled, The Re-Emerging Importance of Tech Careers as part of Centric’s series on the Top 14 Business and Technology Trends of 2014Now, more than a year later, Mike explores the accuracy of that prediction. 



As nearly every facet of life becomes digitized, the need for creative and innovative tech talent is only going to grow. Outsourcing and offshoring led to a decline in total U.S. employment and the 2000 bursting of the tech investment bubble did not help either. But I believe the tide is turning and that we’ll see a dramatic uptake in 2014 as many more people, both young and old, understand the overall attraction and importance of a career in tech.

Analysis: Pretty accurate!  

This one is a little difficult to measure, but a broad indicator is provided by the American Society for Engineering Education, which publishes statistics on the number of engineering degrees awarded by discipline:

  • 2010 – 2011: 83,001 all engineering disciplines; 6,707 Computer Science
  • 2011 – 2012: 88,176 all engineering disciplines; 7,371 Computer Science
  • 2012 – 2013: 92,423 all engineering disciplines; 8,184 Computer Science


The numbers show an increasing number of young people entering the field. I believe this will accelerate as software-powered technical marvels continue to dominate the headlines.

Some examples:

  • Wearable Technology – The buzz around the Apple Watch was huge. And while there are still functional kinks to work out, the interest of our society is still very real.
  • Marketing Ubiquity – Marketing’s sophisticated targeting of individual consumers will grow. Consumers will benefit, but will be equally concerned about privacy.
  • Green Decline – Solar and wind will be rocked by falling oil prices making green college degrees less desirable; CIS degrees anyone?


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