Last year, author Paul Holway wrote a post entitled, Sensors Invade: Big Data Goes Mainstream as part of Centric’s series on the Top 14 Business and Technology Trends of 2014Now, more than a year later, Paul explores the accuracy of that prediction. 



In 2014, expect sensors to bring big data into the mainstream as businesses look to capitalize on the trend. Companies will try to use big data to gain more insight about their customers to improve service, better market their products, etc. As sensor usage and options grow, expect big data to drive decisions. What will fuel the trend? 1) More data and 2) better tools.

Analysis: Right on! 

Going beyond the specialty, the Internet of Things continues to explode into our lives. Location data continues to expand as we take rides on Uber, track our fitness with wearables, and become initial users of  the Apple Watch. Centric has seen this trend first-hand with our partnership with Hortonworks and with our movement into the power of Beacons, explored both in our white paper and our win in the Citi Mobile Challenge.

Expect this trend to be even more prevalent as 2015 continues.


Paul-Holway_edited-3Paul Holway is the Technology Leader for Centric St. Louis. He is an engineer, technology consultant, lover of quantum physics, avid history reader, amateur investor and father with a passion for business enablement through the use of technology.  Views expressed are entirely his own. Contact Paul to learn more or connect with him via Twitter – @paulholway.