Last year, author Mike Brannan wrote a post entitled, Non-Techies Grasp the Cloud as part of Centric’s series on the Top 14 Business and Technology Trends of 2014Now, more than a year later, Mike explores the accuracy of that prediction. 



Non-techie friends will understand the concept of cloud storage and the benefits of keeping their digital data in the cloud.

Analysis: Pretty close!  

I think this one deserves a “pretty close.” Here’s why:

  • iCloud continues to grow, indicating more people are seeing the advantages of keeping data in the cloud. But major gaps in iCloud functionality exist, slowing down our prediction. Specifically, iBooks and iPhoto are not even close to seamlessly functioning with iCloud and iTunes still pretty much works on its own confusing island (iTunes match does what?).
  • Microsoft has not released a new version of Office 365. They’ve clearly stated that’s their direction, but a slow release cycle can slow adoption down.
  • Pure online storage solutions (Dropbox, Box, etc.) all indicate growing subscriber bases.

So all in all, we’re getting there. But alas, the true litmus test did not indicate perfect success in my trend spotting capability: My father was able to put some meaningful words around the definition of cloud usage, but he was not able to state that he had indeed become a cloud user.

So I think it’s fair that for this trend we’re “pretty close!”

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