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Providing Support and Empathy for Caregivers in the Workforce

About the Authors
Deb Peluso

Deb Peluso is our National People and Change Practice lead. She is passionate about helping clients design, align and transition their organizations for optimal results. As a wife, daughter, niece, aunt and friend, she also spends time outside of work caring for and supporting the loved ones in her life.

Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez is a Business Consulting lead for our Seattle team. She is passionate about creating innovative solutions for clients and translating those ideas into actionable plans. She is a new mom to a 5-month-old daughter and is learning how to navigate working full time while providing care for her.


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Becoming a remote workforce certainly comes with its hiccups, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our People and Change service can help you and your team thrive in today’s uncertain times.

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