Centric’s Veenus Maximiuk: SharePoint Blogger and Problem-solver

It started, she says, back in 2003, when the company she was working for at the time made the switch from Documentum to SharePoint 2003.

They needed someone to set up the environment for all of North America, and would she be interested?

She was, and today, Veenus Maximiuk, Senior Architect, has become a fan of SharePoint – so much so that she shares what she’s learned over the years on her blog, SharePointVee.

As time progressed, she went from a team of just one to managing a group of 40, and as questions came in she would spend time researching the answers. Eventually she created her blog as a way to share what she’d discovered.

Searching for a Solution

“The blog is a collection of all the things I’ve learned,” she said. “People come to me with questions, and I enjoy the challenge: What is the complexity of the problem? How can I help?”

When finding solutions, she said, 50 percent is research, and 50 percent is simply working through the problem herself until she finds a solution.

What is the most frequently asked question?

“Search,” she said. “It’s still what I get questioned about the most, but my posts on InfoPath are most visited.”

SharePoint 2013 and Beyond

Through her interaction with many Fortune 500 companies, Veenus has taken on many complexed SharePoint challenges.

“Those challenges and the way SharePoint integrates with other technologies allow me to leverage my broad skillset,” she said.

And, as Microsoft expands SharePoint to the cloud, she’s looking forward to applying her knowledge and experience to the next evolution of SharePoint.

In the meantime, she’s happy to be a very valuable SharePoint blogger with the answers!