Get Smart On HTML5

At this point, HTML5 is a moniker for many things. It’s not a stationary object. Essentially, it’s a label for the web as a development platform. Confusing? Potentially. Learn more by listening to a nice, relatively short presentation by Aditya Bansod, Senior Developer of Product Management at Sencha.

Aditya offers his opion on some interesting question such as:

  • Do HTML5 apps perform slower than native apps?
  • Are HTML apps more efficient to develop?
  • Is good tooling (debuggers, etc.) available for HTML5?
  • Can HTML5 apps provide access to native handset functionality?

And if you’re looking for something a little bit technically deeper (and longer), I recommend this post by Brett McLaughlin.

This is important technology and is driving a large shift in how web development in done. You need to understand it.

I welcome your comments,

Mike Brannan