Why do we love mobile? Because it keeps us in touch, simplifies our lives and could one day possibly even save our lives.

Valentine’s Day is one of those times when we reflect on the people who mean the most to us, whether it’s our husband or wife, someone we’re dating (or wish we were) or just those special, close friends.

As I reflected on the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about the love we have for those technical gadgets that never leave us.

For example – and much to my wife and kids’ dismay – I love my phone. It helps keep me organized, provides access to everyone in my network and opens up a world of information via the mobile Internet and apps.

Thinking about why I love mobile (and why you should, too!) was a fun exercise. We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It Simplifies a Complex World

The smaller screens require us as digital strategists and developers to care deeply about the customer experience. Anticipating what the customer is trying to accomplish and providing a simple, intuitive means to help them is not easy.

Making the hard stuff simple takes time, devotion and discipline.

It Builds Trust

Executing a mobile strategy can require breaking down barriers with other parts of the organization. For example, Omni-channel and e-commerce experiences will require strong working relationships between Marketing, IT and Operations.

Having an iterative and incremental delivery process that treats mobile as evolving products rather than “one-and-done” projects also creates stronger working relationships between the Chief Information Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

It’s Personal

Our phone is always with us. It’s an extension of our personality, whether we’re heavy consumers of apps for news, sports, shopping, social media or gaming, and we have an infinite ability to personalize the mobile experience.

How many of those business apps and big tech vendors have provided something as personal as the mobile apps in your pocket?

It’s Different, and That’s Empowering

Mobile enables us to hit the reset button on lots of outdated business technology. These high-tech, revolutionary magic boxes will continue to change how people work, play and communicate, and will require leaders to think differently about the way their business operates.

Recall that prior computing paradigms in mainframe, mini-computers, desktop PC’s and desktop web required similar shifts.

It Might Save Your Life One Day

We are seeing more and more innovative ways to use the sensors and chips embedded in our phone.

For example, mobile phones can monitor our level of physical activity, sleep patterns and vital signs, while people with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes can use next-generation medical devices that improve quality of life thanks to the digital communication capabilities of their smartphone.