Be it at work or any other walk of our life, we always get immense satisfaction with a job well done. Taking the time to do something well and delivering a top quality product, service or experience is highly rewarding and fulfilling.

Raising the quality bar is by no means an easy task in a  world where we are all so stretched. Many times, truly caring about the quality of our work – as well as other aspects of our lives – comes down to focus, attention, simplification and prioritization.

While it is common to see many instances where the focus is more on quantity than quality, it is always helpful to take stock and see how we can perform high-quality actions, and thereby  improve our own lives as well as the lives of people around us. By taking the time to focus, we can clearly understand the task at hand, pay full attention to what we are doing – and then do it well.

Simplifying helps to whittle down the number of tasks that we take on, and helps us to pay attention to the details. We can also achieve quality results if we prioritize and act on tasks that add the most value and improve the quality we deliver. While we can measure and monitor quality activities on our own, using feedback mechanisms greatly helps in understanding how our efforts and actions are addicting quality to the people in our lives.

Go do:

  • Choose one area of your work or personal life where you want to improve the quality of your output or actions.
  • Identify opportunities to stay attentive, focus, simplify and prioritize around the identified area.
  • Put your plan to work and observe how you feel about the results. Consider asking for feedback when relevant.