Book Shelf Recommendation

One of the benefits of being a consultant is constantly getting to stretch your capabilities via new and varying project work.  Over the years, I’ve built up a decent library of reference material (I like to learn via reading).

One book that I find myself referring to again and again is:  “The Executive’s Guide to Information Technology” by John Baschab & Jon Piot.  If you’re an IT professional, you are not going to learn new techie things about IT by buying this book.  The book is written for the “normal” execs who are “forced” to manage those IT functions and people.  It provides the techniques IT managers and executives need to accurately assess their operations and provide step by step advice on how to run IT like a business.

I continually refer to it as a reminder and guide on how to effectively communicate to the clients that hire us as we work to solve their business issues via the use of IT.  Buy this one, you will like it.

I welcome you comments,
Mike Brannan