We know you’re busy and might have missed some articles from our thought leaders. But here, we’ve gathered some of our favorites from this year.

These posts don’t just share great information. They include tips and tricks to help your business thrive:

  • In Search of a Stellar Project Manager – There are project managers…and then there are stellar project managers. Being on time and staying within budget are important, and are often what we hear as the measure of a project manager. But Miami Practice Lead Kim Caruthers is more interested in hiring candidates who can dig deeper  – and kill a project if they need to.
  • Speed Up Group Decisions with Pugh Matrix – It’s typically easier to get your co-workers to decide on a vendor than it is to reach consensus on dining options. If only there was a tool to objectively select the best option for everybody in a room. Well, there is! That’s where the Pugh Matrix comes in. Don’t miss this one from Paul Stanford, a Senior Manager and part of the Business Process Improvement team, and Robert Kluttz, an independent Operational Excellence executive consultant.
  • The 5 P’s of Next-Gen Marketing Operations – Recognizing that technology is playing a much larger role in how companies target, talk with and track customers, we’ve developed a new approach to the Five P’s of Next-Gen Marketing. This is how Seattle Practice Lead Ryan J. Lowe’s team makes marketing work.

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