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Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace is a Senior Architect in Columbus. He’s also a National Practice Lead in Custom Development, Application Lifecycle Management. Shawn has a record of successful development and implementation of large-scale, line-of-business and “software as a service” applications. Follow Shawn on Twitter.

Facial Recognition for Fun and Profit: How Any Technologist Can Get Started With AI

Shawn Wallace explains how to get started with using AI for facial recognition in the conclusion of our CampIO blog series.

All Systems Go: How Event-Driven Architecture Aids in Your Software Design

We discuss using Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture to rocket-boost your software design.

Agile Development: Patterns and Practices

Agile practices are over a decade old. We discuss the progression of Agile development, focusing on how it's changed and where it's going.

Deep Work: Digging Deep to Unleash your Workplace Super Power

Poor productivity can put a strain on your company. With deep work strategies, your teams can overcome workplace distractions.

Bimodal IT: A Recipe for Business Innovation Success

The best recipe for business innovation is often hard to come by. Bimodal IT may provide the ingredients your company has been looking for.

Test Automation in the “Microservice” Oriented Enterprise

Shawn Wallace explores the evolution of software design with the goal of understanding of high-level application architecture.