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Sagar Karmarkar

Sagar Karmarkar is a DevOps Architect with Centric Consulting. He has over 23 years of experience with Software Engineering and DevOps Transformations in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, and InsuranceSagar is a thought leader in the DevOps mindset space, speaking regularly at DevOps conferences.

DevOps Pipelines Part 3: Continuous Monitoring and Observability

Continuous Monitoring and Observability is the final step in the DevOps pipeline, and it is a crucial element in gaining true efficiency and scalability.

DevOps Pipelines Part 2: Taking a Look at Continuous Delivery and Testing

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing are important elements in understanding how to build out capabilities for continuous development of software.

DevOps Pipelines Part 1: It’s Not Only About Continuous Integration and Delivery

Core capabilities for a successful DevOps implementation includes Release Planning and Continuous Integration for the continuous development of software.