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Magic Monday: Celebrating Small Victories

This Magic Monday, we pause to celebrate the small victories that pave the path to bigger milestones and help you achieve greater goals.

Magic Monday: Learning Lessons From a Cup of Tea

This Magic Monday, take a minute to sit, relax and enjoy a calming cup of tea. We'll take in the lessons brewing a cup of tea can teach us.

Magic Monday: Putting Others First in Networking

This Magic Monday, we’re taking a different approach to networking, and instead of seeing what we can get out of it, learning what we can put into it.

Magic Monday: The Golden Versus the Platinum Rule

This Magic Monday, we’re comparing the golden rule with the lesser-known platinum rule. Each on treating others with kindness and respect.

Magic Monday: Sharing the Load

This Magic Monday, we talk about sharing responsibility – something we know is easier said than done. Here are a few tips to accepting help from others.

Magic Monday: Asking for Help

This Magic Monday, we look at some of the reasons we struggle to ask others for help and the things we can do to overcome that hesitancy.

Magic Monday: Understanding the Difference Between Regret and Nostalgia

This Magic Monday we look at the difference between regret and nostalgia, differentiating between what holds us back and what propels us forward.

Magic Monday: Empathy Versus Sympathy

This Magic Monday, we look at the differences between empathy and sympathy and how we can feel with someone instead of for them.

Magic Monday: How Are You Going to Tell Your Story?

This Magic Monday, we look at the power of storytelling and the connection it gives us to each other. Here are three ways to deliver a compelling narrative.

Magic Monday: Reframing the Way We Look at Failure

This Magic Monday, we look at failure. What it is and why it’s actually good for us to fail.

Magic Monday: Avoiding Passive-Aggressive Tendencies

This Magic Monday, we look at how we can avoid responding to digital communications with passive-aggressive language and communicate successfully.

Magic Monday: The Science of Kindness

This Magic Monday, we look at the science of kindness – what it is and how it affects our desire to pay it forward.