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Jonathan Huang

Jonathan Huang is classically trained in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He has grown his career from developing small applications to designing and implementing full enterprise level solutions across multiple industries. Along his journey he began delving into Business Process Management and their associated technology solutions. Because of this pivot he went down the road of developing his Process Excellence and Lean/Six Sigma foundation. Today Jonathan advises and mentors clients on how to properly implement Business Process Improvement technologies across their enterprise technology stack using a strong foundation of a “Process First” mentality.



People: The Foundation of Your Company, Culture and Process Excellence Programs

An organization is about the people who make it all work. They're the foundation of your company, culture and process excellence programs.

Tool Testing: Brazos UI Toolkit vs. IBM UI Toolkit 

To help illustrate how the Brazos UI Toolkit beats the BPM UI Toolkit, we thought a test was in order. Here's what we found.

Why I Like Business Process Management Technology and You Should, Too

A fellow technologist Jonathan Huang walks you through why Business Process Management solutions are so likable.