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Jehanwa Grant

Jehanwa Grant is our DEI Talent Acquisitions Specialist with a background in strategic sourcing and diversity hiring. Jehanwa lives in Atlanta, GA and has over 10 years of experience in Talent Management and recruitment. Originally from Jamaica, she has a strong love for the beach and enjoys anything that connects her to nature. When she’s not helping others with their career goals, you can find her in Homegoods or Target giving away all her hard-earned money.

Centric Commemorates: Juneteenth Celebrations

In this Centric Commemorates, we're celebrating Juneteenth. Our colleague Jehanwa Grant shares her appreciation for the holiday.

Centric Commemorates: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In this segment of Centric Commemorates, two of our colleagues reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as they walk through the CCHR.