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Jeff Kanel

Jeff Kanel, a National Data & Analytics Practice Lead, is a business-oriented leader who brings more than 17 years of industry experience in IT project and team management. His background in statistical analysis, application development and the full data warehouse lifecycle gives him a distinct edge in managing a technical team.

He has performed in a variety of implementation roles ranging from hands-on BI implementation activities to strategic BI advisement. Jeff has a proven track record of partnering with business stakeholders to identify high-value opportunities and solutions to deliver on senior management priorities.

How to Apply Use-Case-Driven Solutions in a Healthcare Organization

To arrive at a technical solution that actually solves the business needs of a healthcare organization, you need a use-case-driven approach.

Devising a High-Impact Data Strategy: Achieve a Data-driven Culture Through Increased Business Maturity

In our Data & Analytics white paper, we discuss how you can develop a data strategy that takes your business maturity model to the next level.

7 Ways to Get Critical Business Reporting During COVID-19

Get critical business reporting faster to keep your company moving forward during COVID-19. We share seven ways to get started.

Mining for Machine Learning and Data Science Talent

This year, during our Spring Meeting, we're holding Expedition: Data. Here is an interview with Jeff Kanel on what we hope to accomplish at the event.

Top 5 Things Salesforce Could Do To Revolutionize Tableau

Salesforce's purchase of Tableau opens up a whole new world of opportunities for the simple drag-and-drop data visualization tool.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Invest in Machine Learning Consultants

Misconceptions about Machine Learning Consultants affects your business. Staying informed allows you to move forward with confidence and intentionality.

Microsoft Cortana: At the Forefront of a Predictive Analytics Revolution – Part 2

Microsoft Cortana leads enterprise-wide collaboration with a suite of tools that simplify data acquisition, prediction and business analysis.

Microsoft Cortana: At the Forefront of a Predictive Analytics Revolution – Part 1

As a global shift occurs from business intelligence to predictive analytics, Microsoft Cortana is emerging as a leader of that revolution.