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Digital Trends: AI is No Longer Just Hype

Artificial Intelligence is a big deal. It's no longer just hype. AI is important for three simple reasons. Find out in this blog.

The Next Wave of Mobile is Engagement

How do we improve customer engagement with mobile? Here are five best practices for getting started:

Top 5 Things Innovators do to Improve Their Digital Strategy

What makes a good innovator? Jason Miller dives into the best ways an innovator can improve their digital strategy.

5 New Business Models for Mobile Payments

In blog four of a series, we explore five new business models that use mobile payments to drive customer engagement.

Why You Should Invest in Mobile Payment Technologies

In blog three of a five-part series, we explore how to build a business case for investing in mobile payments.

5 Signs Your Company’s Mobile App is Obsolete

Read blog two in a series. We will explore five signs to determine whether your mobile app is obsolete.

5 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Mobile App

In blog one of a five-part series on conquering app fatigue, we explore five best practices for breathing new life into your mobile app.

Why Mobile Payments Will Lead to Positive Change in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Advances in technology and mobile computing will serve as a disruptive force for positive change in corporate social responsibility programs.

Mobile Payments: Centric Connect with Charitable Giving Now Available

Our employees can now make charitable donations to nonprofit organizations by using Apple or Android Pay's mobile payment technologies.

Defining Digital Strategy

Centric Digital Practice Lead Jason Miller defines digital strategy and why it's important.

Developing a Digital Strategy: Journey Mapping

Centric Digital Practice Lead Jason Miller writes about developing a digital strategy that starts with journey mapping.

Mobile Apps or Mobile Web? What’s Your Strategy?

Mobile is so much more than apps and websites. Making informed technology decisions are crucial to the success of your mobile strategy. How many times do you check your mobile phone each day? 20? 50? 100? In the United States,