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Glenn Bitzenhofer
Glenn Bitzenhofer is an independent IT management consultant providing interim CIO and CIO coaching services to Centric. He earned a BA and MS in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Xavier University. Glenn has been in IT for more than 40 years. He is married with three children, two grandchildren, and he enjoys golf, swimming and skiing.

Outsourcing IT Services: The Hows and Whys

Take the emotion out of IT outsourcing in your company with a strategic approach that considers your core business, your processes and your reasons.

Software and Technology Selection: How to Find Tools That Drive Your Business Forward

Technology changes, and making software and tech updates can benefit your business financially. But, you must check processes first to ensure upgrades work.

How to Decide Whether to Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

In part three of our Technology Assessment Framework series, we look at what to do when your IT assessment recommends outsourcing your infrastructure.