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Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez is an independent writer, computer scientist, and technology evangelist. Chris holds several patents in Mobile Apps and Biometrics, and he speaks about innovation and technology at local and national conferences. He has worked in several industries, including Biomedical Engineering, Desktop Software Applications, Biometrics, Computer Security, Mobility, and, most recently, Cloud.

Outside of work, he is an avid surfer, runner, and all-around outdoorsman. Blending technology with these outdoor pursuits has been a constant motivation for him.

Look Ma, No Hands (to Control My Drone): My Perspectives on CampIO 2020

For this part of our CampIO series, Chris Martinez expounds on a previous project and shares how he revived this to even further enhance his drone.

Top 5 Things I Love About CampIO

We're kicking off a blog series about CampIO -- a hackathon of sorts for our technologists -- by sharing few of the reasons our employees love it.

Alexa, How’s the Surf? Transformed for Today’s Chatbot Technologies

Continuing our “Alexa, How’s the Surf?” series, I explain how I transformed an Alexa Skill into a serverless, microservice, multi-modal chatbot platform.

Optimizing IoT Costs While Using BlueBeak Beacon Technology

Implementing an IoT project is costly, but there are ways to save during the process. We look at cost optimization when setting up BlueBeak beacons.

BlueBeak and the ABCs of the Internet of Things

BlueBeak leverages AWS services to deliver a seamless platform providing location-based services for several industries.

Serverless Computing: All The Details and Benefits

This article explores the latest trend in cloud: serverless computing. It aims to streamline tasks and reduce costs of running a server.

Digital Trends: Voice User Interface Expands Into The Enterprise

The success of voice-enabled personal assistants is ushering in the next disruption in business computing: Voice User Interface or VUI.

Alexa, How’s the Surf? Revisited – With Improved Amazon Skills

Chris Martinez, who is AWS Certified, has some updates to make on his last Alexa blog, now that he's improved his Amazon skills.

Get Started: Using Xamarin, a Cross-Platform Development Software

Take a tour of Xamarin, a cross-platform mobile app development software. Learn how to get started, including costs and training.

Why Fundamentals Still Matter in Software Development

Resist the temptation to quickly find answers to software development questions and instead invest the time to keep those fundamentals sharp.

Dive Deeper into the Fundamentals of Coding Software

Resist the temptation to quickly find answers to coding software questions and instead invest the time in keeping those fundamentals sharp!

10 Things To Know About Sensors Within the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things continues to change our lives, what role do sensors play in this transformation? A lot, as it turns out.