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Angie Chen is a Data and Analytics Senior Consultant for Centric Consulting who is based in Cincinnati, specializing in data visualization and advanced analytics. Her focus areas include designing effective business dashboards, storytelling with data, and delivering actionable insights through analytics. In her spare time, Angie enjoys discovering new hiking trails with her dog, practicing yoga, and training in circus arts. Follow Angie on Twitter @databutterfly!

What’s Next for Tableau – Highlights at #Data17

Tableau made a few exciting announcements at the Tableau Conference. To summarize, here are the top three highlights coming to Tableau soon.

Breaking Data Myths – Highlights from Tableau CEO’s Keynote at #Data17

Learn the four data myths, as outlined by Tableau’s CEO, at the year’s hottest data conference The 2017 Tableau Conference kicked off in full steam on Tuesday, packing a stadium with over 10,000 data enthusiasts. During the keynote speech, Adam

7 Breakout Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at Tableau Conference 2017

As you get ready for Tableau Conference 2017, here's a quick guide to some of the hottest breakout sessions at the year's biggest data fest.