Advice On Passing the PMP Test

This is a IT Life guest post by Jeff Buczynski from our Indianapolis office.

When studying for the PMP test, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of material to learn.  Another struggle is figuring out which of the different test preparation resources to use.  Although the PMP test is indeed challenging given the right amount of preparation you can pass it on your first attempt.

Critical to my success in passing the test on the first go around were some great resources available for studying that do not require you to spend thousands of dollars.

My approach is detailed below for your benefit:

1) –  gives a great high level view of what to expect on the exam.  Another great resource, Head First PMP (  This book was a great starting point, an easy read, and provided explanations behind all of the sample questions at the end of each chapter.  This book does not contain all of the material, so I definitely recommend reading through the PMBOK as well.

2)  Take some of the available practice tests:

Note that some of these practice test are extremely difficult and do not necessarily explain how certain answers were calculated.  PMZilla’s forum for PMP Test Questions is a good resource for figuring out why select answers are the best choice (

3)  Memorize the knowledge areas and process groups chart.  I memorized these before I read the Head First book and it really helped me understand the material.

4)  Know all of the inputs and outputs.  Know all of the inputs and outputs.  Know all of the inputs and outputs.  I can’t stress this enough.

5)  Some brief advice on test taking strategy.  Determine which of the 4 multiple choice answers per question don’t make sense for the question.  This narrows the potential solution set down to  two possibilities.  If you can narrow it down to two, you have a good chance of getting the correct answer.

6)  Memorize the formulas.  These are the easiest questions on the exam.

Hoping you find this helpful.