A Sad Day

I knew it was coming.  As likely all of us did who follow the tech industry and Apple’s amazing doings.

So when I heard last night that Steve Job’s died I really was not surprised.

But what has surprised me is how truly sad I am about his way-to-early passing.  The products Apple makes has truly improved my life.  And selfishly I’m worried that the rate of Apple powered goodness will slow.  I’m sullen because the world has lost an innovator, who, if given a longer life, likely would have accomplished much more.

The papers today are comparing him to world-changing business and industry titans like Ford, Disney, Edison.  High praise.  And the more I think about it, the more I agree.

Why did I admire Mr. Jobs?

  • He was a leader.  An organization models behavior of their leaders.  The leader sets the pace and the tone.  The leader sets the standards.  The leader defines what’s good enough, and what’s not good enough.  Jobs excelled here.
  • Jobs pushed through adversity – business and health.  I admire anyone that keeps going, especially when the stakes are high.
  • Jobs was an innovator who demanded excellence.  I hear people just about every day say they love their Mac.  Every heard anyone say they love their PC?  Has your kid ever asked you for any kind of MP3 player other than an iPod?  iPad – does any other tablet out there even matter?  This is astounding innovation.  If you’re in the software business you know how hard it is to get OS – App – Hardware eco systems right, really right.  Apple is not perfect, but it does this way better than the others.
  • Jobs was not boring.  In my opinion, there’s no excuse for being boring.  Or overly politically correct.  Or plain vanilla.  Or not expressing your opinions.  Jobs could be counted on for unique perspectives and a pervasive sense of individualism.  Maybe this is easer when you have a B after your name (as in billionaire).  But I admire his charisma nevertheless.

Back to being sad.  I will miss Steve Jobs.  The world is worse off given his passing.

I welcome you comments.
Mike Brannan