Tips to Leading a Successful Business Planning Process

Annual planning can be painful. But it’s necessary for all businesses. Minimize the pain and improve the outcome with these tips.
Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, the annual business planning process is a key, necessary activity that is often dreaded by those who are asked to participate.
In order to minimize the pain and improve the outcome and value … Read More

marketing and technology

Four Steps to Improve Your Marketing Technology Partnership in 2017

Develop a Marketing and Technology Partnership to Help Achieve Your Digital Goals
At times, the working relationship between the CIO and the CMO can seem a bit like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. They just look at the world differently.
Marketing is increasingly being asked to create brand new digital capabilities and lead digital initiatives, … Read More

Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy 2.0: Does Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Need a Check-Up?

If you’re one of the business or IT executives that recognized that you had to do things differently and initiated your organization’s digital strategy or digital transformation initiative a couple years ago, congratulations!
You’ve likely made some inroads on establishing your organization’s digital presence. Created some new digital first capabilities. Grown your team’s digital skills. And demonstrated a return … Read More

digital strategy resources

Digital Strategy Implementation: Rent vs. Buy Skills

We previously talked about implementing a multi-speed engine to facilitate a quicker digital strategy for organizations with entrenched legacy systems. In the final post, we focus on evaluating resources and leaning on experts for a jump-start on digital.
Part ten of a series
Digital requires specific skills that most organizations don’t have enough of today. Knowledge of … Read More

Is A Multi-Speed Engine Part Of Your Information Technology Strategy?

Last post, we discussed the willingness to innovate quickly and fail fast as a component of implementing a digital strategy.
But many organizations have deeply entrenched legacy systems that aren’t built to move at the speed of digital, cutting into new products’ or services’ go-to-market time. The answer to addressing the challenge of the legacy environment may … Read More

Digital Strategy at Warp Speed: Innovate and Fail Fast

Part eight of a series
Another key area where digital is different is rate of change. While systems technologies have continued to change constantly since the ‘70s, digital takes it to a whole new level. There is no recipe book for combining everything that digital encompasses into successful, profitable offerings.
This pace of change requires digital … Read More

Operating Model: The Processes, People and Technology Supporting the Customer Journey

Part seven of a series
In relation to digital, there are two levels of the Operating Model:

Enabling your organization’s people processes and technology to work together to leverage digital capabilities to support the desired customer journey.
Creating an organization that responds at digital speed and continually adjusts for the continual changes that the digital world serves up.

Organizations focused … Read More

New Products, Services or Business Models: Digital Strategy As the Driver of Disruption, Innovation and Plugging into the Digital Ecosystem

For those organizations that choose to be the disrupter in an industry, their digital strategy will include introduction of a whole new product, service or business model that leverages one or more digital capabilities.
Part six of a series
Most organizations’ strategies won’t center on becoming a disrupter, but this is where some of the greatest … Read More

The Role of Mobile Apps in a Digital Strategy

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets today, a mobile app is a critical component of many digital strategies. But mobile’s role should be considered in the end-to-end customer journey and in light of the customer expectations.
Part five of a series
Consumer-oriented businesses have led the way in mobile, but increasingly, intermediary-based and business-to-business organizations … Read More

Digital Strategy: Stop! I Have Analytics and I’m Not Afraid to Use Them

The buzzwords here are Big Data and analytics. In developing a digital strategy, these can play a varying role – again, based on what you’re trying to achieve in digital.
Part four of a series
Last post we discussed the digital marketing strategy component, which included marketing analytics. However, the different roles data and analytics play in … Read More

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