Business Intelligence

We are experts at presenting data in a readily-consumable, business-impacting manner.

Service Overview

Centric minimizes risks, maximizes results and supercharges Business Intelligence (BI) programs. We approach BI as a critical component of growth, stability and market penetration for any company. Our track record exemplifies the idea that aligning with high-value, tactical demands will achieve superior analytics in dramatically less time.

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When clients engage our team, they inherit the expertise of our entire company. Our team is comprised of architects, analysts, ETL, reporting and analytics developers, each individually dedicated to deliver world-class BI solutions. We operate as a network of on-demand experts to advise on individual projects.

We bring first-hand knowledge of BI across many industries and we’re experts at identifying what makes businesses different. Insurance, healthcare and financial services are most heavily represented in our BI portfolio, which also includes manufacturing, energy, utilities and education. Our vault of industry data models, metrics, and KPIs is available to accelerate any project. Centric’s proprietary Information Modeling process illuminates factors that differentiate companies from their competition.

Our Agile BI will excite users and ignite business adoption. The single greatest barrier to success of BI projects is adoption by users and because of this we have re-engineered our thinking about BI. Our teams distill requirements by focusing on use-cases with established business value. Every two through four weeks users can embrace new analytics as a direct result of their participation in the development process.

Read the Centric Business Intelligence Overview (pdf):

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Service Capabilities

Data Warehouse

Through more than a decade of successful BI delivery, Centric has developed a proprietary BI Architecture Framework that produces mature, extensible, enterprise-scale systems. This technology-agnostic approach encompasses the full solution architecture, including hardware planning, software selection and individual architectures of data, ETL and reporting.

Our philosophy is that data warehouses should be extensible to include new subject matter without having to redesign the platform. Furthermore, they should work to preserve processing audit trails, source revisions, data lineage and record versioning. Every data warehouse should be maintainable and well documented so that leaders can seamlessly transition stewardship to internal staff at any point in the development lifecycle.

Centric applies all of these principals to ensure that data warehouses deliver value today and far into the future.

Technology platforms include: SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, SQL Server Integration Services, DataStage, Informatica. Ask us about platforms.

Reporting and Analytics

Centric’s Reporting and Analytics cover a broad range of analysis capability including:

  • Executive briefing books and dashboards
  • Parameter-driven reports
  • Ad-hoc pivot analytics
  • Advanced visualization
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Complex event notification
  • Statistical analysis and data mining

Our approach to delivering highly effective analysis starts with understanding the benefit users derive from their information. This goes far beyond traditional joint application development (JAD) sessions to determine reporting contents. Instead, our process emphasizes business process integration and the decisions that the analysis will drive. By taking this approach, we help achieve maximum value from reporting and analytics investments.

One of the most important changes we have made is by treating reporting and analytics as a software user interface design challenge. Most analysis environments are already complex enough so we carefully plan how information is accessed, considering report management, terminology, metadata (data element descriptions, report descriptions), visual processing of information and user workflow.

Our disciplined approach to reporting and analytics will accelerate adoption of BI in any organization.

Technology platforms include: SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Business Objects, Cognos, OBIEE/Siebel, Hyperion. Ask us about platforms.

Roadmap and Architecture

Centric helps organizations identify next steps in advancing BI Programs. The resulting roadmap, while still tied to strategic business goals, is designed to clearly establish priorities, dependencies and steps for execution. Areas addressed in a roadmap are:

  • Establishment of top-down and bottom-up demand for BI
  • Prioritized analytic projects
  • Tool / platform strategy
  • Integration or transition of existing BI systems

We can also plan solution architectures and infrastructures based on data volume forecasts as well as functional and non-functional requirements.

Mobile Analytics

Centric will integrate Mobile Business Intelligence with existing BI infrastructures, securely deploying to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone). If a mobile tool is already identified, we can help adapt analytics to optimally perform on existing mobile platforms.

To energize a mobile workforce, we can extend BI though custom mobile apps, integrating alerts, operational reporting and tablet-based analysis that enables better decision-making in the field.